Kongra Star: our resistance for Öcalan’s liberation grows ever stronger!

“It is now 21 years since the international conspiracy against the ideologue of Democratic Confederalism, Abdullah Öcalan. On February 15, 1999, the champion of human rights was arrested at the airport of the Kenyan capital in a dirty conspiracy carried out jointly by the secret services of the states of Turkey, America and Israel. He was later taken to Imrali prison in Turkey. The conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan was carried out because the international capitalist powers see the freedom movement as a threat to the mentality of the capitalist nation-states, as they assert their interests by oppressing and denying identities of peoples.

One issue that has been ignored for thousands of years, but which Abdullah Öcalan dedicated himself to and always promoted with the greatest importance, is the liberation of women, their culture of resistance and their search for recognition of identity.

By kidnapping the representative Abdullah Öcalan, the hegemonic forces targeted the resistance of the people, especially women, trying to break their will with this conspiracy. But the conspiracy was not successful because Öcalan did not submit to capture. Instead, he turned prison into a school to spread the methodology of democracy and peace. In this way, ideas continue to be propagated that are not only for the Kurds, but for all the peoples of the world as long as they want to be freed from the existing hegemony. Moreover, the peoples, with their desire for freedom, have built a bond with Abdullah Öcalan that has strengthened their struggle and resistance for a democratic society. This was manifested in the Rojava revolution, in particular through the establishment of the Autonomous Administration with the participation of all regional population groups. Through this project, they have found together a way to free themselves and ensure their future. However, as the Turkish State could not achieve its objectives by arresting their representative, it increased the isolation and deprived Abdullah Öcalan of his most basic rights. Visits by his lawyers and family were no longer allowed, so that his ideology would not spread, especially at this sensitive stage, as it is the key to resolving the conflict in the Middle East.

We, as Kongra Star, strongly condemn this conspiracy, which is directed against Abdullah Öcalan and therefore also against the will of the people and, first and foremost, the will of women. Similarly, we condemn all the institutions, especially the Committee for the Prevention of Torture, since they are basically responsible for the situation of political prisoners, but which, hypocritically, do not fulfil their responsibilities.

We call on all peoples, individuals and especially women who trust Abdullah Öcalan and his philosophy to strengthen their struggle and resistance against the conspiratorial forces. We call on them to break the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan and stand up to the attack by the Turkish state in the north and east of Syria, which is seeking demographic change in the region and turning the inhabitants into refugees.

Bijî serok Apo – Long live Apo (Abdullah Öcalan)!”

February 15, 2020

Kongra Star

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