We, the women of Kongra Star, began the campaign Women Defend Rojava to co-ordinate international resistance in solidarity with the women of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Rojava revolution against the occupation war of the Turkish state.

For over a year, the Turkish army has illegally occupied the city and region of Afrin. This has particularly impacted the women of the region, with rape, kidnapping and gendered violence systematically used as weapons. The Turkish army and the jihadist militias they fund and support work together in these aims, and have forcibly imposed Sharia law on women of all different beliefs.

The Turkish state is now threatening to make a direct invasion along the whole of the border with Syria that is currently self governed by the peole of the region under the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria. This region, commonly known as Rojava, was liberated by the revolutionary forces from Daesh fascists, bringing peace and freedom. Erdogan and his government have made their intentions plain: to wipe out the revolution.

The Rojava revolution is a revolution of all women of the world. Kurdish, Arabic, Assyrian, Ezidi, and other women of the region have inspired and given hope to thousands of women globally who are fighting for and imagining a better world. The revolution positions anti-patriarchal struggle as the most important battle, and thousands of people have been able to connect the revolution with common struggles in their own surroundings. Many women from all over the world have from the beginning participated in the revolution, some travelling to Rojava to join the struggle on the ground.

The fighters of the women’s defence forces YPJ took a central role in the military defeat of Daesh, and more widely the women of the Rojava revolution have devoted their whole lives to their freedom and the freedom of their communities. This is also the freedom of all women and all men who want to create a better world, based on true gender liberation, ecological principles, and socialist values. Our freedoms are linked because of what the revolution represents, because of principles of internationalism, and because of the international links that have already been built up.

This means that when the Turkish state attacks Rojava, it attacks us all. Women Defend Rojava aims to connect women who stand up, stand together, and speak out against the Turkish attacks. We publish voices of women’s resistance from Rojava, and messages of solidarity from around the world. Only the force of organised women can defend Rojava, and we will show that the women of the region are not alone. With your voices our voice will get stronger.

We co ordinate solidarity actions so we can have a united international presence. We call on groups and individuals to take action and share the results with us. We will spread the word of marches, demonstrations, occupations, statements and letters, messages of solidarity and any steps taken in the fight against occupation and fascism.

In all our different colours but together in our aims, we will stop the Turkish state’s war on women, democracy, and freedom.

We will unite, resist and defend!

Jin Jiyan Azadî!

Kongra Star was founded in Rojava in 2005 to organise women and develop their political consciousness. It promotes women’s freedom and democratic nation, working on the democratic and ecological principles that are based in gender liberation.

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