[Women’s Voices] Women’s Delegation from South Kurdistan in North East Syria

Over the last few days, a delegation of 21 women from South Kurdistan (Iraq) has arrived in Rojava and been making their way around to support the women and the resistance of Rojava. They are formed of activists, academics, representatives of organisations and groups, and media professionals. Their number includes Dr. Wejdan Noureddine; the member of Rebak Women Organization, and Najiba Omer; the former co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution …


Women Defend Rojava Committees

Call for the Establishment of Women Defend Rojava (WDR) Platforms and Local Committees Outside Rojava We send our warmest greetings from Rojava to all of you who have been a part of the resistance and mobilisations to stop Turkey‘s occupation war against Rojava / North and East Syria. Millions of women and people in all parts of Kurdistan and all over the world have shown their solidarity with our struggle …


Letter from Rojava

I’ve been in North and East Syria for almost a year now.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stay here and work here, involved in the women’s movement.  That’s meant meeting a lot of different women from this part of the world. Arabic, Armenian, Kurdish, Syriac, Yezidi, and more.  Young women, mothers, fighters in the self defence forces. Women giving political analysis from their work in diplomacy, women …


[Women’s voices] Syriac woman of Til Temer area: “We have welcomed everyone, but there is no more space.”

In a village in Til Temir area, an Assyrian woman talks about how dozens of refugees from Serêkaniyê, Amûde and Dirbesiyê areas have arrived in her village. They have opened empty houses to them, houses that before belonged many of the Assyrian people who fled when ISIS attacked. The Assyrian population in Syria is declining due to the extremism of the ISIS gangs and the so called “Syrian National Army”.


Statement from Jinwar: Women’s struggle to defend liberated land

Since the 9th of October 2019 systematic attacks and attempts of genocide have continued against the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian and Syriac population of North and East Syria. This occupation is a direct attack on the democratic, social institutions and the democratic self-governance of the people. Those brutal attacks carried out by the Turkish army and jihadist proxy forces are taking place under the command of Turkish terrorist leader Erdogan. Turkey …

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[Video] Women of the Basque Country take action against Iberdrola

ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF THE COLLABORATING COMPANIES HIDING THE DIRTY WORK OF THE GENOCIDAL STATE! As we know, at the beginning of October, in the northwest of Syria, the Turkish army started a military operation against Rojava, with the intention of imposing an imperialist project. Erdogan has started his invasion by occupying and controlling this territory, which means the displacement and murder of thousands of people, endangering the revolutionary (and in …


[Women’s Voices] Support worker talks about the effect of the invasion on those with special needs

Many adults and children with special needs or disabilities have also been displaced by or suffered from the Turkish invasion. Here Cîhan Reşîd who before the war was involved in setting up a support project and improving their position in society tells us about stopping her work and the difficulties faced.