Call out: Women Defend Rojava

To freedom seeking women and people of the world, to all internationalists, to democratic and revolutionary forces everywhere:

Kongra Star and the women of North and East Syria call out to you to stand with us and take action in defence of our land and worldwide revolutionary values. We announce the campaign Women Defend Rojava. The Rojava revolution and the system of democratic self-administration in North and East Syria has become a source of hope for people seeking freedom and justice. Because of this, forces of the nation state and capitalist modernity arethreatened and responding with violence.

Since March 2018, the Turkish army has illegally occupied the city and canton of Afrin. This particularly impacts women, with rape, kidnaps and gendered violence systematically weaponised. Elsewhere, the Turkish state makes attacks, psychological warfare and environmental destruction.

The Turkish state is threatening to spread that violence by invading the rest of North and East Syria. At the same time they are imprisoning democratically elected representatives in North Kurdistan and repressing peaceful protests. Defending Rojava also means to stand with all of Kurdistan.

Under the name of “establishing a security zone in Northern Syria”, the Turkish state seeks support for preparations of a new occupation war against Rojava. As women of North and East Syria we are determined to defend our land and the gains of the revolution. Together and with the solidarity of people all over the world we defeated ISIS. Now, in unity we will defend Rojava. We trust the power of our common struggle.

International solidarity with Rojava is already strong. We will co-ordinate with other campaigns like Rise Up 4 Rojava. We will put the many colours of gender liberation at the front of collective struggle. Patriarchy is the root of the fascism, colonialism and militarism we fight. Resistance will be strongest when it is first and foremost against patriarchy, in our aims and in our methods.

The 6th and 7th of September will see actions worldwide against the fascist Turkish state and its occupation and threats. We call out especially to women, anti-patriarchal, and freedom-seeking comrades to raise your voices, your fists and your hearts. Here in Rojava women always take the front on demonstrations and marches. Let’s make global solidarity in the same way.


What you can do:

  • Join actions on the 6-7 of september in all the different colours of women’s organising, anti-patriarchal struggle, and gender liberation by shouting out: Women Defend Rojava!
  • Use our logo and #WomenDefendRojava
  • Show our campaign video online and at events
  • Send statements and share your solidarity messages and photos with us
  • Write to representatives or institutions to take action against Turkey’s war on Rojava and for the recognition of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria.
  • Spread our call and our resources
  • Organise and educate about the revolution- check out our homepage for material and links
  • Take direct action against the fascist threats!

Kongra Star, Rojava

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