Solidarity Statement from Women’s Democratic Front of Pakistan

Solidarity Statement with the Kurdish sisters fighting in Northern Syria against the violent attacks by Turkish government.

The Women Democractic Front stands in solidarity with our Kurdish sisters in Rojava who bravely fought and defeated ISIS and are now fighting Turkish forces who launched a brutal attack in Northern Syria on 9th October, 2019. Fighting is now in it’s 8th day. Thousands have been displaced, ISIS prisoners have escaped from Kurdish detention camps, and the number of casualties is increasing.

This is a new phase in the Turkish state’s decades long oppression of the Kurdish national liberation movement and a continuation of Reccep Tayyip Erdogan’s fascist policies of state repression inside and outside the borders of Turkey. This move has come after the US withdrew its forces from Northern Syria and abandoned the Kurds who have been it’s allies in the war against ISIS.

Rojava, an autonomous region in Northern Syria, has been close to the hearts of many in the international and feminist left for having ushered in a new model of revolution. The people of Rojava have adopted the principle of Democratic Confederalism which rests on a truly grassroots vision of democracy with power vested in local institutions, ecological sustainability, and women’s access to power. The female militia of the YPG have shown unmatched bravery and imagination in creating and defending this socialist-feminist revolution. This rare and successful example of the revolution in Rojava has provided feminists and leftists theoretical and practical resources.

With this attack Turkey threatens the existence of Rojava and the Kurds, creates the possibility of an ISIS resurgence, and increases state repression of dissident voices in Turkey.

Women Democratic Front demands that the government of Pakistan condemns Turkey’s violent offensive. We call upon our progressive feminist, socialist and democratic allies to also pressurise their governments to condemn the Turkish government’s attempts to wipe out one of the most critical movements of 21st century. We recognize the imperialist role of the US and call for end to the US troops stationed in various parts of this world but in this instance, strongly condemn the manner in which the US has withdrawn its troops and cleared the way for this offensive. We stand in solidarity with oppressed people and revolutionary movements across the world.

Issued by
Tooba Syed
Secretary Information WDF.

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