Declaration from Kongra Star upon the defiling of the body of YPJ fighter

To the press and public

On October 21st, YPJ fighter Amara Renas (Aziza Jalal) was assassinated by the Turkish state and its mercenary groups, and her body was brutally and viciously tortured. These atrocities evidence the dirty face of the Turkish state and its alliance with jihadist forces, crimes committed in front of the eyes of the world. These brutal and undignified attacks by the Turkish occupying army and their allies is an assailment on women worldwide. For the YPJ has become known as a force of women’s self-defense, defending the interests of all women in all corners of the world.

The sexist torture that has been carried out against the body of our friend Amara shows the joint mentality of the IS killer gangs and the Turkish occupation army against freedom fighters, revolutionaries and the achievements of the women’s revolution. At the same time, it’s a manifestation of the fear of our enemy towards fighting and resisting women. Fearing the power of women, they use such inhumane methods. However, we will not back-down. These methods alone make our anger, struggle and resistance stronger and wider.

Amara Renas

In the name of Kongra Star, we strongly condemn this violence and the attack on women’s bodies. We turn to all women in the world: this cruel attack on our friend Amara is an attack on all women. We see it as an attack on the dignity and the bodies of all women worldwide. Accordingly, we will continue our struggle and resistance stronger than ever before, and organize against the misogynist mentality. We will make our enemies even be more afraid.

At the same time, as Kongra Star, we call upon all women in the world and the public to act against these crimes against humanity and to punish the perpetrators. This is not the first crime committed against women’s bodies. In the same cruel way, the body of our friend Hevrin Xelef was tortured. She was purposefully targeted and executed by killer gangs allied with Turkey to break the revolutionary struggle and resistance of women. However, these crimes will never prevent our freedom struggle and resistance from becoming even stronger and bigger. Thousands of freedom-loving women and girls are taking over the place of every freedom-loving woman who has been murdered.

Once again, we call upon all women in the world to speak out against the war and the patriarchal attacks on our free system of self-government and to unite our forces. We will avenge our friend Amara by further developing and strengthening the organization of women’s struggle and resistance. Our response to our bloodthirsty enemies and occupiers is to continue our fight for a life lived in dignity and freedom!

With revolutionary greetings and respect

KONGRA STAR Coordination Rojava

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