Support letter to the struggle of the Catalan people

23 October, 2019

To the Catalan people, especially the women of Catalonia,

Dear comrades,

The imperialist and oppressive forces of the fascist states try every day to subjugate the freedom and will of the peoples seeking their liberation. The Catalan people, like the Kurdish people, are in an incessant struggle to build their freedom and their right to a dignified life.

We follow with attention how the Catalan people rise up against injustice and demand that their voice be heard, that their demands for democracy be met. The repression suffered by the Catalan people, the Catalan representatives, the media, etc. is a sign of the ferocity of the state against the desire for freedom of a people.

Here in Rojava, in the North and East of Syria, the invading forces of the Turkish state are perpetrating massacres against the population, invading our land and trying to destroy the democratic system of respect and solidarity between peoples, which we have had so much blood and pain to build. We have received with enthusiasm all your solidarity against the war of occupation that the Turkish state perpetrates against Redva/NE-Syria. In spite of having your own concerns and struggles, you have taken the initiative to build the internationalist solidarity of the peoples. We know who our true allies are in this struggle against capitalism and oppressive state forces.

As Kongra Star, a women’s movement from the North and East of Syria, we are especially touched by the actions that the women from Catalonia have carried out in support of the Women Defend Rojava campaign, and the intense protest actions carried out to make visible the importance of the women’s revolution. The unity of women on a global level is an unstoppable force and is the only way to destroy the patriarchy, the basis of the whole system of domination. As women from the North and East of Syria, we want the women’s revolution we are carrying out in this territory to be an example of empowerment for all women in the world. This revolution is a revolution for all women.

Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian, Armenian, Chaldean, Chechen, Ezidi, Turkmen and Circassian women have joined forces to raise their voices, to put limits to the attacks that the patriarchy and the state have been imposing on them for thousands of years. They have built a whole autonomous democratic system of women, where the rights and voice of women must be heard and taken into account. We know that Erdogan’s attacks on Rojava and NE-Syria have as their main objective the destruction of this women’s revolution, as this puts in grave danger the patriarchal system that dominates the Middle East. The cruel murders of comrades Hevrin Khaled and Amara Renaz Xerhat, who fought with courage and tenacity to bring democracy and freedom to these lands, are a clear example of the patriarchal war perpetrated by Erdogan and his allied extremist forces.

This is why we assert and resolve to tenaciously promote the union of free women around the world, in a tireless struggle against patriarchy and the system of domination. Because until the last of women is free, none of us will be.

With respect and affection

Kongra Star

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