Letter to all friends and sisters of the women’s declaration

Dear women of the world who are struggling for peace, freedom and justice,

Dear friends in the fight against fascism and patriarchy,

on the occasion of the World Resistance Day for Rojava we send you our warmest greetings from the heart of resistance in Rojava. Since the start of Turkey‘s invasion our joint struggle to defend Rojava and the gains of the women’s revolution has been continuing restlessly on many fronts and in all parts of the world. We express our deepest love and respect to all our sisters and friends who have been fighting at the front-lines in the ranks of YPJ-YPG and SDF against the cruel, inhuman attacks of the Turkish army and their jihadist killer troops. We greet all women and people of the different communities in North and East Syria; in all parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East, in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Latin America and North America who have united their hearts and actions in the resistance against Turkey’s fascist attacks on Rojava.

Receiving your messages of solidarity we also learned more about the different struggles that women and oppressed people in every part of the world are leading against occupation, oppression, fascism, dictatorships and feminicides. During the last 24 days we have gained inspiration and strength from each another which we see as a foundation for our common victory. Once again, we saw that we are fighting a common struggle against a common enemy – the patriarchal capitalist system that tries to wipe out any social, political and economic alternative that is based on communal human values, women’s culture, justice and ecological understanding of life. This is what we are defending in Rojava and this is what connects us and our struggles.

In the face of Turkey‘s aggression and hostilities against our lives, our communities and our land, against women’s will and freedom we launched the Women’s Declaration Stop Turkey‘s Occupation War against North and East Syria – immediately!’. Until today 1,930 women human right defenders, academics, writers, artists, politicians and activists of different social movements from all continents as well as 303 women’s organisations, movements and networks signed the declaration. Hereby, we have been able to raise women’s voices and unite creative women’s actions worldwide. Our goal has been to urge the UNSC and the international community to take immediate measures to stop Turkey’s genocidal attacks and feminicides.

Although Turkey‘s attack has been broadly condemned by public opinion and different powers negotiated a so-called “ceasefire” with Turkey, Turkey‘s warfare against North and East Syria has continued. Once again we experienced during these days that the occupation of land always involves rape and sexist violence as a means of war-fare. The torture and execution of our friend and vanguard of the women’s revolution Hevrin Xelaf; the mutilation and sexist abuse of the body of the YPJ fighter Amara Renas; and the abduction of civilians and wounded YPJ fighters while threatening them with rape and beheading are some examples that clearly show that Turkey‘s war is a war against the free will and organised strength of women. The devastation of war and occupation, the threats of further feminicides and genocides are continuing.

Today, we submitted once again our Women’s Declaration with all signatures to its addressees urging them to prevent further crimes against humanity by taking immediate actions to close the airspace over North and East Syria for Turkish air-forces and to ensure the withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces from Syrian territory. Further the representation and participation of women and people’s representatives from all different national, cultural and religious communities in Syria has to be guaranteed in the process towards a political solution for peace, women’s rights and democracy in Syria. We have to challenge the the dirty profit calculations and games of colonial powers, by forcing them to respect and implement universal human rights that have been gained though international people’s struggles.

In order to achieve this and defend the women’s revolution, we will continue and amplify our organised struggle in Rojava and as a part of our worldwide struggles against fascism and patriarchy. One day after the World Kobanê day, today we join forces for the World Resistance Day for Rojava. Five years ago, we were able to “achieve the impossible” by breaking the siege of ISIS fascism on Kobanê through international solidarity. Today again, we will be able to “achieve the impossible” by defeating Erdogan’s fascism through our worldwide united resistance.

Therefore, we call upon freedom-loving women and people to unite our forces and strengthen our struggle against fascism – everywhere!

Defend Rojava and spread the women’s revolution – everywhere!

Women Defend Rojava Campaign Committee

Rojava, 01 November 2019

Final PDF version with all signatures download

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