Hîva Erebo: patriarchal mentality is attacking the equality of the people

Hîva Erebo: Patriarchal mentality is attacking equality of the people

Ronîda Hacî

Heseke: Member of the co-ordination of Kongra Star for all North and East Syria, Hîva Erebo, considers that the war that has started is the Third World War, and said: “The enemy wants to defeat the project of creating equality of peoples.”

On the 9th of October the Turkish army and it’s allies attacked along the length of the border of North and East Syria. As a result thousands of people have been made refugees or been killed. Kongra Star co-ordination member Hîva Erebo analysed developments and the political situation.

The Third World War has begun.”

Hîva assured us that the world conflict has begun in Syria, and said: “The process that has started we can say is the Third World War, because the war that is now taking place is proof of the wars of the global forces that were already going on and are still continuing. With these conflicts, the nation state, that is blinkered to only one perspective, wants to destroy the will of the people to change this system.”

The dominant male mentality is attacking the project to create equality among people.”

Hîva clarified that the enemies of the movement for equality have joined together. “The attacks we are seeing on the achievements of North and East Syria show clearly that the systems that have for years been organised on the basis of patriarchy and the dominant male mentality are faltering, and therefore an ideological struggle is emerging. In North and East Syria a new project has been chosen by the people and developed, based on embracing all nations, and on defending women’s rights. The male dominant mentality has brought an attack on this project, and on the equality the has been brought about in North and East Syria.”

The nation state is afraid of co-operative life.”

Hîva continued: “In the development of Democratic Nation women were the vanguard, and played a very important role. The nation state system became afraid of North and East Syria. It revealed that one of the most important bases for the capitalist system is the creation of chaos and conflict between its different parts. The Democractic Nation project, with its basis and its development centred around women, creating equality between peoples, is the opposite of the capitalist system. Therefore, the current attack on the Democratic Nation project is in particular targetting women, because a truly equal life is big danger to the nation state system and scares it.”

The people can be their own leadership and their own self defence.”

Hîva clarified that the people can organise themselves, and continued: “The resistance of the people in Afrin, Cizire and Kobane, particularly women, against the annihilating force of ISIS, showed that we do not need to state, the people are already capable of self governance and self defence.”

The most recent expression of the joint forces of patriarchal mentality has attacked Serekaniye and Gire Spi.”

Hîva continued with a focus on ISIS’ jihadist gangs. “In a way, the gangs of ISIS want society’s destruction, they want it enslaved. We can say that this current attack from the occupying Turkish state on Kobane and Gire Spi is the forces of patriarchal mentality coming together, and once again with a different face and in a more modern way they want to bring about society’s annihilation. Against these attacks, the struggle for freedom with the leadership of women is going strong after 26 days, and continuing at a high level.”

This example of methods of women’s organising is echoing across the world.”

Hîva explained that the methods of organising women are being echoed all around the world. “Women were the vanguard of the Rojava revolution, took ownership and played an essential role in every area. This style of women’s organising has had a huge impact and made an impression all around the world. The achievements of the Rojava revolution were made with the effort and resistance of women, so women in all the world also see it as their duty to defend the achievements of the Rojava revolution. Therefore, “Women Defend Rojava” committees have been created in many countries, with the goal of developing unity of women and work to defend the values and achievements of Rojava. This is taking a step towards success.”

The achievements of the Rojava revolution were gained by women, and they are in danger.”

Hîva explained the danger on the achievements of the revolution: “The war that is currently advancing on our land is endangering all the gains that we have made as women. Thousands of women in Serekaniye and Gire Spi have been made refugees. Those who suffer the most are the women, trying to care for their children out in the streets, in the countryside or staying in schools. Erdogan and his government want to resettle those who are refugees in Turkey on our land. But under what international law can you remove a people from their land to resettle other people there? Its another tactic of occupation.”

The women’s system that had been built was striking fear into the heart of the enemy.”

Hîva continued her speech focussing on the struggle and resistance of women: “The women’s system that had been organised struck fear into the enemy, and so the attacks have targeted the will and the very existence of women. The acts have been so base that their brutal mindset has been exposed, the people can never accept these forces living on parts of their land.”

Şehîd Hevrîn Xelef is the force of democratic politics.”

Hîva remembered Şehîd Hevrîn Xelef, wished her family condolences, and iterated that Hevrîn was the base for creating a democratic system. “Şehîd Hevrîn was in a struggle for many years, to create equality and democracy. The occupation Turkish force killed our comrades Hevrîn and Amara in manner that goes against the values of all of humanity. This war is against democratic consciousness, the will of women, and equality of the people.”

Turkey will spread terror and cause a resurgence of ISIS in liberated territories.”

Hîva assured that Turkey will again spread terrorism in areas that were liberated from ISIS. She continued: “This attack is one of Turkey’s attempts to reawaken terror in areas that were liberated from ISIS. Turkey’s use of gangs like Al-Nusra and members of ISIS and other similar groups against these territories shows this. The assassination of Hevrîn Xelef and the mistreatment of her body, and the kidnap and murder of health workers, proves that the invaders of these territories have the same mentality as ISIS.”

The goal of the Soçî agreement is the undermining of the Autonomous Administration and the occupation of territory.”

Hîva continued, focussing on the agreement between Russia and Turkey on the territories of North and East Syria: “This idea the Turkish state says of needing to defend its borders and build a safe zone is nothing but an excuse. In reality, from the SDF there has never been a threat to the Turkish border. But the goals of the attacks, and of the agreement with Russia, is that the SDF withdraws from the border and weakens its position, and secondly to pressurised the Autonomous Administration and force it and the SDF to make a deal with the Syrian regime and surrender the border to them. This was a conspiracy against the people of North and East Syria.”

Resistance is the way to victory.”

Hîva called out to all women of the world to come together, raise their voices, and increase their resistance against the attacks on the achievements of Rojava.

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