[Women’s Voices] Women’s Delegation from South Kurdistan in North East Syria

Over the last few days, a delegation of 21 women from South Kurdistan (Iraq) has arrived in Rojava and been making their way around to support the women and the resistance of Rojava.

They are formed of activists, academics, representatives of organisations and groups, and media professionals. Their number includes Dr. Wejdan Noureddine; the member of Rebak Women Organization, and Najiba Omer; the former co-chair of the Kurdistan Democratic Solution Party, Awaz Nizamuddin; the official in Zardasht Center, and the head of al-Sulaimaniya Municipality Council for the Freedom Movement Shahin Mohammed and the journalist Jino Mahmoud.

Women Defend Rojava made an interview with Jino Mahmoud where she explains the motivations, hopes and aims of the delegation. They are here to bear witness to what is happening in Rojava, to build relationships of solidarity, give strength, and raise awareness.

“What attracted us to visit Rojava was the sacrifices of women in northern and eastern Syria because they represented Rojava Revolution, so we, Başûr Kurdistan women, should go to Rojava and support their resistance, ” said Dr Wejdan Noureddine in an interview.

The delegation is making stops around all major cities in North and East Syria, seeing how women are organised, making statements, seeing the situation of displaced people and the effect the Turkish invasion has had.

They are demanding a true ceasefire by the Turkish occupation forces, the imposition of a No Fly Zone on North East Syria and prosecution of the mercenaries who mutilated the corpse of the Hevrin Khalaf, the General Secretary of the Future Syria Party. Above all, they are continuing the work of strengthening networks between women and building the base of our organising.

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