Michaela Hoffmann: “I am proud of Ivana because she has shown me another side of life.”

Michaela Hoffmann, the mother of Ivana Hoffman, who fell as an internationalist in the ranks of the MLKP in 2015 in Til Temir, is worried about the current situation in Til Temir. In an interview she is talking about the current threats on Til Temir and the hope that Ivana is giving her even after her death:

Ivana Hoffmann

It’s terrible what’s happening there in Rojava again. The people there have experienced enough suffering and gone through a lot. Ivana and many other people have ensured that the people there can live in safety and peace.

I think it is nice that Ivana defended a Christian village. In Rojava many different people have lived in peace and they defend the area together as Ivana did. Ivana was killed while defending Til Temir, but the people there lived happily for four years until the Turkish state invaded, it is unbelievable what has happened there again.

One day I would like to visit there and have a look at the place that so many people, including Ivana, have defended. They are fighting on the right side, and it is worth it, I am proud of Ivana, because she has shown me another side of life. Through her I got to know Rojava and see the world with open eyes.

Voice interview of Michaela Hoffmann, with english subtitle option

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