[Video] Jinwar – Free Women’s Village Rojava presents itself

The documentary collective Şopdarên rojê ya çandê have made a short film about Jinwar, which gives a short introduction on the perspective of the free women’s village with very nice shots from the village life.

Jinwar women’s village is a project to build a free life, to find the future by walking there together, to change the world whilst living in the day to day. Crops are grown, bread is baked, children raised. And a new life carved out. It was opened on the International Day against Violence against Women, on 25th of November 2017. Until now dozens of women and children have been staying in Jinwar, and sharing their bread, food and water here with each other. The inhabitants of Jinwar are deeply connected with each other and their village. The life in the village has become an example for their friends and neighbors. Especially in times of war and attacks on the people, it is even more important to keep hope and the building of alternatives in mind, because that is what we are struggling for. Jinwar is a good example of this.

“The life experience from Jinwar shows us on a daily basis how alternatives might be developed. Women are creating solutions in all different fields of life. Communal living, economic autonomy, ecology, education, natural health care. All this forms the necessary basis to develop life in freedom and dignity. From our rooted common history we have learned that our strength is in unity and organization. Only together we can successfully fight the common enemy which is the patriarchal system, its institutions and its oppression.”

Jin Jiyan Azadî!


More about Jinwar – Free Women’s Village Rojava: www.jinwar.org // Facebook: Jinwar – Free Women’s Village Rojava // Youtube: Jinwar – Free Women’s Village Rojava

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