Kongra Star: On the anniversary of their assassination, Sara, Rojbin and Ronahi are in our hearts and our struggle stronger than ever

To The Media and Public Opinion

On 9 January 2013, three Kurdish revolutionary women, heval Sara (Sakine Cansiz), heval Rojbin (Fidan Dogan) and heval Ronahi (Leyla Şaylemez), were killed by the Turkish state intelligence in Paris. This martyrdom of heval Sara and her friends was carried out by international forces in the wake of the international conspiracy of 9 October. Heval Sara was recognized as a militant and revolutionary woman by all the women of the world and had a major influence on democratic forces; that is why she was targeted by the the conspiratorial powers. The attack was intended to undermine the gains of ideological resistance and the women’s revolution. The attackers sought to destabilize weaken the freedom revolution by destroying women’s will. In the wake of the January 9th plot against heval Sakine Cansiz and her two friends, on January 5, 2016, three revolutionary and political women of North Kurdistan, Sêvê Demir, Fatma Uyar and Pakîze Nayir were massacred by the Turkish state in similar brutal ways.

In the face of the brutal international conspiracy, the standing and the will of women and democratic peoples in these areas have heightened and broadened the struggle for freedom and the global women’s revolution. The development and strengthening of the YPJ is an answer to this conspiracy, a dozen times over. Heval Sakine Cansiz has been an exemplary figure in the Rojava Revolution and by women around the world, and has taken her place in the women’s movement and history as a militant and a fighter for equality and freedom. On the anniversary of the death of our comrade Sakine Cansiz, we continue to live in a more intense and widespread international conspiracy during the invasion and occupation of the Turkish state to our land. The outbreak of the Third World War began on October 9, with international forces launching occupation attacks on the Rojava Revolution. These attacks and invasions also confirm the continuation of the international conspiracy. However, all democratic forces and the peoples of the region have made great resistance to oppressive and occupational policies and continue to express themselves in a democratic nation system.

Women have always been targeted for the achievements of the revolution of freedom, for their struggle and their resistance. Just as, in order to undermine and eradicate the world revolution of women, comrade Sakine Cansiz was murdered, comrades Havrin Khalaf, mother Aqide and Amara Renas suffered the same fate in the massacres of the Turkish state.

This confirms the denouncement of the role and leadership of free women. Because the dominant male mentality lives in great fear of the power and organization of women, the ideology of women’s liberation is the answer of all life problems and the prevention of war and conflict. That is why we must broaden and widen the ideology, organization and power of women and follow the leadership and example of revolutionary and warrior women.

As Kongra Star, we remember the martyrdom of our comrade Sakine Cansiz and her comrades like Fidan Dogan, Leyla Şaylemez, Seve Demir, Fatma Uyar, Pakize Nayir, Hevrin Khalaf, Amara Renas and mother Aqide and condemn the cruel conspiracy of January 9th. We consider the great revolutionary and pioneer of the Women’s Freedom Movement in Kurdistan as a example of free identity of the women of the world, and we will follow her cause and path. For freedom, her life was always a struggle! We, as well, will continue this struggle for freedom and make it global. As a pioneer of the ideology of women’s liberation, she is alive and in the heart of all free women. On behalf of the Women’s Movement Kongra Star, we, once again, condemn this tragic and traitorous day and say that organizing and building a democratic and free life will be the revenge.

Revolutionary Greetings

Kongra Star Coordination.


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