Health workers in Gire Spi: “Our people are being killed and brutally executed.”

As Women Defend Rojava research committee, part of Kongra Star Diplomacy, we interviewed a nurse from the health team from Girê Spî regarding the assassination of civilians and members of the local health committee by Turkey’s jihadist proxies.

Name: Denya Muslêm Mihemed
Mother’s name: Şemse El Rîfayî
Place and Date of birth: Girê Spî – 01.01.1990
Profession: Nurse with two years of work experience

Denya Muslêm Mihemed:
When the brutal attacks on Girt Spî started, our health team were working in field giving essential help and first aid to civilians. We were working as a health intervention team; saving wounded people from the field, and so we were on the frontlines. We were working with our health team and three ambulance cars between Silukê and Girê Spî. We were spread between three different points on the second line of the front, when we were suddenly taken from the side by the Turkish army and their jihadist proxies. I couldn’t believe that there were IS sleeper cells connected to the Turkish army and that our place was discovered by them. For an hour they to attackedus, two of our bases were able to save themselves and escape, but the third one fell into their hands.
Whilst we were trying to rescue our friends, we were able to communicate with them through the phone. We talked with nurse Mihemed and he said that they had been surrounded, and asked us for help. We directly gave this information to the SDF, to go to rescue them and we were also on the
way immediately. But because our car was also under fire we couldn’t reach them. This why we had to withdraw and our friends were captured by the enemy occupation forces. After a while the information about their assassination was spread.
As we are a team of health and human rights workers we should be recognised as needing international protection. This hasn’t been considered and taken into account by any side.We are team of civilians and human right workers and our goal is to help and rescue wounded people, but in spite of this we have been targeted and brutally attacked. Our people are being killed and brutally executed and this happens in front of the eyes of all human rights organisations and the United Nations. These events remain in international silence and this is really shameful.

As members of Health Council of Girê Spî and of Kurdish Heyva Sor organisation we claim from international powers:
– The protection of civilian health workers and their status recognised as neutral . This must be enforced with international law, which should protect lives, integrity and the purpose of those who are helping wounded people in this war.
– Immediate end to all of the attacks of the Turkish state on NE Syria, whose only purpose is ethnic cleansing and cultural annihilation, destruction of security in the region, forced migration, genocide and demographic change.
– Those states which are have made international agreements regarding the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Turkish State should take responsibility for realisation of those agreements, because until now the Turkish state has been constantly violating agreements.

I call for social and human rights organisations and the United Nations to take responsibility and their duty, act according to their words, and take action against this disaster to stop the massacre of the people of Girê Spî and Serê Kaniyê.


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