“The resistance continues” – Declaration of Kongra Star on the 2nd anniversary of the occupation of Afrin

On the second anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, which falls on March 18, we remember the martyrs of the resistance, martyrs like Avesta, Barîn, Karker, Rojhat, Hêlîn and Ilham and all the martyrs of March and the martyrs of the path of freedom. We show our respect to the resistance of the peoples of the North and East Syria and the people of Afrin, who resisted the oppressive Turkish forces and their jihadist proxies for 58 days. Their resistance continues in the Shahba camps, defying the harsh conditions and policies meant to separate them from their land and to break their will and hopes to ever liberate Afrin.

Afrin was the last safe place for Syrians fleeing the war, looking for a safe life. Afrin was self-administrated and enjoyed peace, protection, mutual coexistence, and an ecological system. But since the occupation by the fascist Turkish state and their jihadist proxies the region is witnessing a state of panic and fear. Now there is a total lack of security, with the Turkish army and their jihadist proxies looting and robbing homes and families, kidnapping, raping and preforming forced marriages with women and underage girls, and killing civilians. This terrorising of the people of Afrin is made in the hopes of scaring them away to impose demographic change in the region.

Thousands of olive and fruit trees have been cut in order to change the nature of the region. Dozens of archaeological sites and religious shrines that represent Kurdish history and the beliefs of the people of Afrin have been destroyed. In the past two years, families of jihadists have been arriving from other areas in Syria, which were taken over by the Syrian regime. Tens of thousands of them were brought in for the purpose of changing the ethnic demography of the area and to remove the indigenous population. Now during the occupation Turkey has made the Kurdish language forbidden and made the Turkish language mandatory in schools.
Even though all the crimes of Turkey and their jihadist proxies have been documented and made public, the international community, human rights and humanitarian organizations have all remained quiet. No one has come to the rescue of the people of Afrin. But even after all of their suffering the people of Afrin remain attached to their land and won’t give up on the hope of one day liberating and returning to their land. The people of Afrin will never accept the fascist, oppressive Turkish state and their jihadist proxies. The people of Afrin will continue to resist, no matter how many hardships they go through.

The daily operations of the Afrin Liberation Forces against the occupying Turkish state will continue. Our brave men and women will keep fighting and resisting the occupying forces of Afrin.

Kongra Star

17th March 2020

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