Statement of Kongra Star for Newroz 2020

Every house, every street and every village becomes a Newroz area

In the name of Kongra Star we congratulate the Kurds and all the peoples, especially the mothers and families of the fallen and all women on Newroz 2020.

In the person of Şehîd Mezlûm Dogan, Zekiye Alkan, Rehşan Demerel and Seme Yuce takes place Newroz, because they have kept their promise and made this day a flame of struggle and resistance. They strengthened the celebration that has been celebrated for thousands of years with the fire of their bodies.

Newroz is the day when the struggle of the people in the region against fascism, cruelty and oppression flares up. With the leadership of women all over the country, all attacks in the region continue being fought tirelessly.

The Kurdish New Year marks the day of defeating the darkness and pain in the East. March 21 is the hope that Newroz 2020 will unite the peoples of the region, defeat fascism and occupation and liberate Efrîn Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.

In this year’s circumstances we may not be able to celebrate collectively with our traditional costumes, but every house, street and village will become a Newroz area.

Once again we congratulate the representative Abdullah Öcalan and all the peoples of the democratic nation.

Kongra Star Women’s Movement

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