“Every 4th April hope will blossom anew”

On the occasion of today’s birthday of Abdullah Öcalan, the coordination of Kongra Star, women’s movement in North and East Syria, sends its greetings to all resistant societies and the democratic public:

We congratulate all people on the birthday of the pioneer of democratic confederalism! We congratulate all women on the birthday of leader Abdullah Öcalan, which also marks the birth of free woman and free man! There are many examples in the Middle East of how their birth has left a legacy in the lives of societies, cultures and people. Öcalan has made a great contribution to the society and the earth in which he was born, and has thus also become the result of this heritage.

With the paradigm of democratic modernity, which he calls the third birth, he created, in the face of the deep crises of the 21st century, a framework in which humanity, societies, women and all the oppressed can re-create themselves. At a time when the whole world has been marked by the effects of a virus for almost three months, it is important to make the significance of the birth of our leader visible.

Years before, our leader had already expressed criticism of the capitalist modernity which causes such times of crisis, and self-criticism of the revolutionary and democratic movements which could offer no alternative to this. One of the main causes of this crisis is the specificity of the analytical mind, not to know any limits. Our leader, Abdullah Öcalan, has drawn attention to this and made it clear that the balance between the analytical and emotional mind can turn life into a paradise. With this he wanted to make clear to all of us that the construction of a political-ethical society can bring people to a good economy, diversity, peace and happiness.

In this spirit, we call upon our community to share and spread the philosophy, thinking and projects for a democratic life of free human beings between April 4-11th. All those who believe in the philosophy of our representatve, especially young people and women, from every place and in every language, should make known and spread the philosophy of life of democratic modernity. Let us call on people from all over the world to rise up against the isolation and imprisonment of Öcalan and all political prisoners. Let us take action to draw attention to the living conditions of Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners in the current global corona crisis.

The 71st birthday of our leader, who in his person realized the birth of the free man and the free man, is to be correctly interpreted and understood as mothers and women who have been given this day. In the light of the Manifesto of the democratic civilisation of Öcalan, we can properly understand and grasp the corona crisis that the whole world is facing today. In this sense, our call to our communities in North and East Syria and throughout Kurdistan is to look at the representative this year more deeply and strongly than before. First of all, let us read the 5-part Manifesto of Democratic Civilization, and let the people read it in their languages. Let’s also share Öcalan’s ideas with people around the world, especially in the Middle East, through different ways and with different methods. Since the present situation does not allow for joint celebrations, we call for planting trees and flowers everywhere for his birthday under the slogan “We insist on making free life flourish”.

While this world is falling victim to the male-dominated philosophy of “Die or Kill”, we must rise up against the capitalist crisis with the philosophy of our leader “Live and Let Live”. Let us turn this crisis-ridden time into an opportunity to better define and realize the alternative free life and the corresponding revolutionary ethical, political and intellectual tasks. In this spirit, we congratulate all mothers, women and societies on the birthday of the free human, the free society, the free woman and the free man in the person of our representative Öcalans. Knowing that every 4th of April the hope for these births blossoms anew, we respectfully greet all those who are struggling for a free world worth living in.

Kongra Star Coordination

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