Solidarity letter from the Women Defend Rojava Madrid Committee

We share with all of you the solidarity that the comrades of the Women Defend Rojava Madrid Committee send to Rojava. Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples!

“Comrades, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, thank you for your support.

Under the circumstances of what is happening in Madrid, we are not being able to do everything we’d like, but we still want to remind you that we are with all of you. We keep thinking about you every minute, every second. You have taught us that revolution belongs to all of us women of the world, with your strength and solidarity, with your care and your energy, which is felt from one side of the earth to the other.

This situation brings us even closer to you, who live in a crisis caused by war, occupation, scarcity of resources, while we in Europe enjoy a peace and prosperity that had made us believe that we were immune to life crises. Now it makes us clear that the way to overcome deep adversity lies in community and that in your struggle we can find an example to create a new way of building community.

As Rêber Apo said, “A society that does not take care of its health cannot be free”, and that is precisely what this crisis shows us. We are aware that we have left our health in the hands of this system of domination. This system in which we people stop being human beings to become numbers. A system that decides who should die and who live, who can access treatment with the certainty of being cured, while others live with the uncertainty of whether they will be infected and will die.

In Madrid we are self-organizing, not only to cover a need that becomes dramatic for many people in the situation of confinement, but also with a clear awareness that we are building an alternative, creating mutually supportive links between people in the neighborhoods, accompanying us, taking care of us in an organized way and thought out between neighbours. And in that community weaving, we have very present the message you always convey, ‘Support the revolution in Rojava is also living revolution in one’s own territory’. Continuing with revolutionary work, fighting this system individualistic, selfish and competitive, we embrace you and do not forget you, we will continue to support this common cause against patriarchy and capitalism, in pursuit of self-determination and freedom.

To all the sisters of Women Defend Rojava, as well as to all women on the planet who are facing this crisis with solidarity, tenderness, strength and integrity: we know these are difficult times, and that is why now is the time to come closer than ever, to send us strength, to think about distance and feel close, to rethink what’s going to happen when this is all over, to keep on knitting ties that no one can unravel.

We send you all our love, all our solidarity and all our strength, that we continue to build this new world always together.”

Jin, Jiyan, Azadî
Woman, Life, Freedom

Women Defend Rojava Madrid

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