Kongra Star’s letter to all the women of the world: “We have to fight until every woman has a free will”

To all the women of the world:

At the beginning we send you respectful greetings.

At the same time as the world is paralyzed by the coronavirus, the peoples of North and East Syria are facing the attacks and injuries of the Turkish occupation; killing, destruction, demographic change and attacks against civilians, especially in the regions of Afrin, Girê Spî, Serêkaniyê and Şehba.

The Turkish state has committed thousands of crimes and intends to use the coronavirus as a weapon against people who have remained in these regions. The Turkish state aims to expand the demographic change in the conquered areas and tries to bring the COVID19 disease into North and East Syria. This is a great danger as well as a crime and a violation of international law and human rights.

As a result of the Turkish state invasion and occupation, tens of thousands of displaced persons from the occupied regions of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniye are now in refugee camps. This represents a great danger to their lives, especially the lives of women and children. There is a lack of basic resources for living and housing conditions which are very difficult. This disaster for women is no less catastrophic than the global coronavirus pandemic. The Turkish state is committing crimes including murder, rape and abduction of women and children. These acts of violence are a continuation of patriarchal crimes against society done by IS. There is evidence that Fatma, an 80-year-old mother, as well as Sultan Khalil and Huriye Muhemed were brutally murdered along with many other women by groups supported by the Turkish state. In the shadow of the expanding COVID19, many women in all countries of the world face great violence. Women are the pillars of building and shaping society. Such violence is a threat to their lives and thus a threat to the life of the entire society.

Therefore, women all over the world have the duty to end these misogynist, brutal policies, to fight violence and to demand accountability for all crimes.

Under these conditions, we call on all people, movements, institutions, organisations and women in the world to strengthen our relationships and alliances against violence against women and to fight until every woman has a free will.

Kongra Star Center of Diplomacy


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