“We were scared of them to do something as they did in Shengal” – Besima Daut, Yazidi refugee from Serêkaniyê

We interviewed Besima Daut, a Yazidi woman who had to leave the village where she lived, near Serekaniye, because of attacks by the Turkish army and its jihadist gangs.

She now lives in the Washokani refugee camp in Heseke, while the village where she lived with other Yazidi and Christian families is occupied by Erdogan mercenaries.

The Yazidi people, who on the one hand had to flee Shengal because of the attacks of ISIS and on the other hand were forced to leave their homes here in northern Syria because of the Turkish attacks, are again threatened by the fundamentalism and imperialism of the Turkish state, but women like Besima are resisting to leave their land and fighting against the occupation.

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