The life of Zeyneb Jalalian is in danger. We must become her voice!

Statement by Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research (KJAR) on the current situation of political prisoner Zeyneb Jalalian

The Kurdish political prisoner Zeyneb Jalalian has been in prison in Iran for 13 years. During these 13 years, Zeyneb was subjected to all kinds of physical and psychological violence. A special war was fought against Jalalian by all means. Zeyneb Jalalian is the first female political prisoner to be sentenced to life imprisonment in Iran. The Iranian regime has tried by all means and methods to stifle the political will and striving for freedom of Zeyneb Jalalian.

There is no doubt that the struggle and resistance that Zeyneb Jalalian has put up in Iranian prisons over the past 13 years has made the Iranian regime realise that it cannot make Zeyneb’s thoughts and philosophy surrender. For this reason, the Iranian regime uses physical methods to break this prisoner.

The spread of the Covid-19 virus became a secret massacre in Iranian prisons. In particular, political prisoners were sentenced to death by this virus. Iran knowingly spread this virus in the prisons. This virus was used as a weapon in prisons against political prisoners.
With this virus the regime wants to physically destroy the political prisoners. Zeyneb Jalalian is one of these political prisoners. During her 13 years in prison, she has offered strong resistance, she has resisted all kinds of torture and has not given up. She continues her struggle and resistance with increasing intensity.

She stands up for the rights of the prisoners and has a clear position against the methods of the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime therefore regards her as a danger and wants to use the Covid-19 virus to physically harm Zeyneb Jalalian.

More than a month ago, Zeyneb Jalalian was transferred in strict secrecy from the Xoy prison where she was held to Qarchak Prison in Tehran. The prison in Tehran is one of the toughest in Iran. Thousands of women are in this prison and political prisoners, in particular, are transferred to this prison. It is a threat, an attempt to silence the women’s demand for freedom through intimidation. Hundreds of women have become infected with Covid-19 in this prison, in Qarchak Prison.

Zeyneb Jalalian has serious health problems, but the Iranian authorities refuse her access to medical specialists or medical treatment outside the prison. Zeyneb Jalalian belongs to the at-risk group and was knowingly transferred to Qarchak prison where she was infected with the virus. Despite Zeyneb Jalalian’s known health problems, especially her breathing problems, she was transferred to Qarchak prison. She was transferred to Qarchak prison knowing that her stay in this prison alone was a great danger to her life.

The Iranian regime has not succeeded in silencing the will and demand for women’s freedom, so it is trying to physically destroy these women. The life of Zeyneb Jalilian is in danger.

That is why it is above all women, human rights activists, freedom-seekers in Kurdistan and around the world who must now become the voice of Zeyneb Jalalian.

The Iranian regime is responsible for the life and health of Zeyneb Jalalian, so it is our duty to raise our voice for Zeyneb Jalalian and demand her rights.

Zeyneb Jalalian must be released! A medical treatment of Zeyneb Jalalian outside the prison is necessary!

KJAR – Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research, 8 June 2020

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