We must stop the fascism of the Turkish state! We women defend Kurdistan!

Last night the cruelty of the Turkish state was once again evident in the territory of Kurdistan, this time in Basur (South Kurdistan, Iraq). The fascist regime of Erdogan has carried out intense bombing to mark the start of the so-called “claw-eagle'” operation.

These attacks are in addition to the war declared by the Turkish state and its fascist regime against the Kurdish people. In the North and East of Syria, the attacks, the dirty war and the occupation by Turkish state and its jihadist mercenaries continue. In Bakur (Northern Kurdistan, Turkey) they continue with their coup d’état which aims to imprison all the opposition.

Last night’s bombs in Basur have hit the Makhmour Refugee Camp, the Qandil Mountains and the Shengal region. The target of the Turkish state’s attacks is once again the civilian population, attacking villages, the refugee camp and even the hospital in Zerdest.

The Yazidi population, who live in the Shengal area and who have been able to gradually return after the attempted genocide by ISIS, are once again being targeted by the ruthless fascism represented this time by the Turkish state. This shows once again how their practices are the same as those of ISIS.

That is why we call on all women in the world to stand up against the war crimes committed by the Turkish state, to denounce the responsibility of all NATO member states and all organisations, such as the United Nations, which turn a blind eye to the human rights violations committed throughout Kurdistan.

As Women Defend Rojava we call on women to defend Kurdistan against fascism, and to organize actions, demonstrations or rallies. We call on them to spread the atrocities of the Turkish state and to put pressure on those responsible. We call for taking our role as women and defending life against fascism.

Stop Turkish War Crimes!
Women Defend Rojava!
Women Defend Kurdistan!

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