[SELF-DEFENCE 3] “Those who do not defend themselves mentally give room to a suppressive mentality”

Interview with a chairwoman of Jineolojî, the science of women, of Heseke city, about the topic of self-defence.


Recently we have seen increasing violence against women and rising cases of femicide. At the same time, we can also observe the growing resistance to this patriarchal violence. Against this gender-based violence, violence against women and femicide we see self-defence as the answer to this. That is why we have made different interviews with women from North and East Syria, which means self-defence for them.

In our third interview Hena Daud, chairwoman of Jineolojî in Heseke city, explains to us the perspective about self-defence of the science of women, Jineolojî.

On the issue, you can find on our website the brochure “Self-defence: the answer to gender based violence”

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