Kongra Star: “We will guarantee the freedom of women and all peoples with Zehra, Bedîea, and Mother Emîne as our vanguard”


As Kongra Star Coordination we condemn the attacks on the members of Kongra Star Ferat Region Coordination Zehra Berkel, Bedîea (Hebûn) Mele Xelîl and Mother Emîna Weysi in the strongest possible terms.

Kurds and their friends are everywhere giving unparalleled struggle and resistance against the attacks and occupation of the fascist Turkish state. Our people, particularly the women of the vanguard, offer up everything they have for an ethical, free and enlightened society. Just as our immortal martyrs Hevrîn Xelef and Mother Aqîde did.

The fascist Turkish state’s war crimes against the march of women’s freedom have intensified. On the night of the 23rd of June in the village of Helence on the outskirts of Kobane Zehra Berkel, a member of Kongra Star Ferat Region Coordination, mother Emîna Weys and our comrade Bedîea Mele Xelîl were martyred in a Turkish state drone strike.The city of Kobane and the whole Firat region was controlled in cooperation with Russian forces.

Furthermore in Besre in Deir-ez-zor a brutal attack has been carried out on the Women’s House (Mala Jin).

All the Turkish state’s allies are also responsible for this attack. The international coalition and the Russian state carry responsibility for the massacre of our comrades. We hold them to account, and say these savage attacks of the Turkish state must be stopped, and they must not be complicit in the femicide and genocide of the Kurdish people.

The more women own our wisdom and organise ourselves the more our enemy’s forces are afraid. Within the fascist, murderous, occupation system there is no place for women’s existence. We ourselves defend our being, our knowledge, and our lives. This is why the occupier’s attacks advance on our existence, our lives and our spaces first and foremost.

Especially now in this June, the Kurdish people and women, everywhere that they are, are in an incomparable resistance struggle to defend their values. Thus, these murderous attacks are now completely unconstrained. Military attacks made on civil society are war crimes. Targetting women politicians and organisers is a crime against the future of women.

And so, we call on women and women’s organisations across the world to take a clear stance against these attacks and in solidarity with Kurdish women’s resistance. Furthermore we called on the Kurdish people and all their allies to ceaselessly intensify resistance and take action against fascism and betrayal.

The fascist Turkish state is a killer of women. The goal of Turkish fascism and the butcher Erdogan is the massacre of women who have organised themselves.

Once again we condemn these barbaric attacks. We vow on the struggle of our comrades Zehra, Bedîea and Mother Emîne that we will resist everywhere that the murderous and fascist mentality rears its head. This attack strengthens our commitment to seek freedom, and every martyr lights up our struggle and our organisation. We will guarantee the freedom of women and all peoples with Zehra, Bedîea, and Mother Emîne as our vanguard.

ŞEHÎD NAMIRIN – Martyrs do not die!

BIJÎ YEKITIYA JINÊN RÊXISTINKIRÎ, TEKOŞER Û AZADÎXWAZ – Long live the resistance of women who organise, struggle, and seek freedom!

BIMRE ÎXANET, DAGIRKERÎ Û QIRKERIRIN – Death to betrayal, occupation and massacre!

Kongra Star Coordination

24 June 2020

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