With resistance we will defend ourselves! Through organisation we will end femicide!

Thousands of women are killed every week. Millions face male violence every day. We are all targeted by the patriarchal mindset. And we are not going to stand still in the face of it – we are ready to defend ourselves and end femicide and the patriarchal mindset once and for all.

The recent murder of our comrades has been a further sign of the femicide that is on the rise worldwide, and of how fascism attacks women who organise. They believe that their brutality will make us give in, but that is because, from their patriarchal mindset, they do not comprehend the will of women to be free.

Our history as women is a history of resistance. Because resistance is what has allowed us to defend ourselves from the violence of the state and its patriarchal mindset, which needs to enslave women in order to maintain its power. That is why it kills women who do not submit, that is why they fear free women.

In Kurdistan, women are taking their role in resistance and are standing up to the fascist Turkish state and all its criminal allies, whether they are jihadist gangs, Russia, the USA or the other NATO countries, which are targeting women directly by carrying out femicide. In the rest of the world, millions of women are also creating in their resistance the source of life in contrast to the destruction brought about by patriarchy, against a femicide that has increased in every small corner of the world.

Women from every country, culture, ethnic group or religion have decided to stand up to every aggression that attempts to take our lives: as women we defend our existence, our territories, our cultures and our societies.

And we do not fight alone. The murder of our comrades has been an attack on all women who organise themselves, an attempt to alienate us because they know that organisation is our best weapon. Organised we will not only resist to defend ourselves but we will also put an end to femicide.

We call on all women to defend themselves, to organise and to fight. To fight every femicide. The murder of our comrades will not go unpunished, and it strengthens our organisation even more. We call for the replication of this force. To take steps forward. To strengthen our links from the most local level to the global level to generate the wave of free women that will erase patriarchal thought once and for all and put an end to femicide and any form of violence against women.



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