Internationalist women in Rojava: “The murder of Zehra, Hebûn and Emîna is an attack on women everywhere”

Internationalist women who came to Rojava from different territories, went to the house where our comrades Zehra, Hebûn and Mother Emîna, members and activists of Kongra Star women’s movement in Rojava, were murdered by the Turkish state.

There they read a statement condemning the triple femicide committed by Turkey which represents an attack on all women in the world, calling on all women worldwide to stand up against these attacks and valuing the common struggle of women all over the world.

They also demand the states and international community to take immediate measures to be able to walk towards peace in Syria, because so far the states from which they come from remain silent.

The struggle of women in Kurdistan is the struggle of women all over the world.

“With resistance we will defend ourselves! Through organisation we will end femicide!”

The statement in English and Kurdish

Here the written statement in English:

We have come here today to the house of heval Amina, where some days ago there was an attack made by the Turkish state that killed our friends Zehra, Emina and Hebun, and it was an attack aimed with precision on the women’s movement. We come here today as internationalist women because we see that this is an attack on women everywhere, that we share in the struggle for freedom here, and so this is an attack on all of us, and we will stand firmly together against it.

It is no coincidence that this attack was aimed at Kobane, on the eve of the anniversary of the massacre perpetrated here by Daes. Kobane is a symbol of Kurdish resistance, of the women’s movement. In the earth of this city lies the blood of thousands of Sehids who sacrificed for its liberation, and in this earth grow the roots of the liberation of all women, and we will not stand silent as it is under attack. The only silence we know is that of the states we come from, who treat this land and this people as a piece in their game for domination. We call for end to this silence. When the Turkish state bombs women in a civilian village, we must demand justice. We demand a closing of the airspace, international investigation of this attack, and that those responsible put to trial before the international community. We demand a full withdrawl of all Turkish occupying forces from Syria and all those who know the meaning of justice would stand together with us.
We know the strength of sisterhood, the Turkish state has shown it knows also, but what it fails to understand is that with every woman they kill we rise up together even stronger. This is the century of the women. In this moment, women all over the world are rising up, and we cannot be stopped. Today we not only pay respect to these three friends who fell sehid in this attack. We are here also to honour all women whose lives were given and taken in the struggle for liberation. The martyrdom of these women is yet another reason for us to rise up, and from this we will draw strength and fire, and rise in solidarity, unified in the face of the common enemy.

In this time we should remember that it was in Kobane that we saw the defeat of the undefeatable – the resistance in this city – from the figthers to the mothers and families – spelled the beginning of the end of Daes, and it is here that we feel most strength the beating of the heart of the struggle for freedom. From our homelands to yours, your struggle is ours, and together we will see victory.

With this, we say: WOMEN, LIFE, FREEDOM!

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