Internationalist solidarity with Balochistan

Balochistan is a region situated to the north of the Arabian Sea, which is administratively part of the states of Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, the largest part being occupied by Pakistan. The region was divided into different states by the colonialist division of the territory by Great Britain at the end of the 19th century. Today, despite the end of British colonization, they continue their struggle for political autonomy and against violations of rights by the current occupying states.

Today, on their national day, Kongra Star send a message to the Baloch people, especially to women:

For the people of Balochistan,

From Kongra Star, the Rojava Women’s Movement, we send internationalist greetings to the people of Balochistan on the 11th August, the day they celebrate their struggle to regain their freedom by commemorating the date in 1947, in which they ended British colonialism in the region.

In Balochistan, there are continuous violations of human rights by the occupying nation states, especially by the state of Pakistan. People are exposed to every form of genocide. Nevertheless, there is silence at an international level and in public opinion. Public opinion has closed its eyes and ears. In all wars and conflicts, women in particular are doubly exposed to the reality of violence. Deaf and blind public opinion means that the situation in Balochistan, and violence against women in particular, is unknown. In Rojava, as in all parts of Kurdistan, we know the brutality of the nation states and their patriarchal mentality of occupation and repression. We celebrate the courageous struggle of the people of Balochistan for their freedom, the heroic resistance that will lead to freedom.

As denied peoples and occupied territories, we have to strengthen our solidarity, so we send the people of Balochistan all our strength to continue building a world in which society, and especially women as it’s basis, can develop in freedom, without impositions or violence of any kind. A world in which the free coexistence of peoples is based on popular self-government, on the connection and balance with nature and the freedom of women.

From Kurdistan to Balochistan, we will continue to be committed to the freedom and sisterhood of peoples, making internationalism the basis of free life and peace. As a people, and especially as women, we need to know that the guarantee of women’s freedom and the freedom of society associated with it is achieved through self-organisation.

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