Take a stand against those whose words, attitudes and policies pave the way for the occupation.

The women’s movement Kongra Star in Rojava condemns the visit of Necirvan Barzani in Ankara and the meeting with R.T. Erdogan last Friday. You can read the statement here.

To the public and the Kurdish people:

As you well know, we are currently in a delicate time. The Kurdish population in all four parts of Kurdistan is threatened by genocide. Colonialist and fascist states are doing everything in their power to ensure that the Kurdish people will not gain status or freedom in the 21st century.

Their attacks continue in all arenas: they occupy our country and try to destroy our culture, our language, our history, our dignity and our entire existence. This is the way we have been oppressed and persecuted for a hundred years.

Against these murderous plans and attacks, an unprecedented struggle continues in all four parts of Kurdistan. We hope, and we are confident that the efforts of the struggle will lead to freedom and success.

For a free future, we need the unity of the Kurds in the struggle against the enemies of the Kurdish people. We have learned from experience in the past years that there can be no success without unity.

It is the policy of the occupiers to stir up animosity and conflict between the Kurds. The centuries-old history of the Kurdish people is full of such treachery.

We see that the enemies of the Kurdish people are still playing the same game. On the one hand, the representative of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan is under immoral conditions, facing severe torture, and the PKK is under attack, and on the other hand, they sit down with the PDK. On one side it attacks, on the other side it seeks collaborators for occupation, working to make it so that the Kurds kill each other again.

At this stage, when we hope for the unity of the Kurds, it is a great shame to sit at the same table with the enemy who bombs Kurdistan every day.

Especially for the Kurds, in such a sensitive and important process, it is shameful that Barzani goes to Ankara and makes statements about Sinjar. Kurdish history and the Kurdish people will not accept the collaboration and will remember it as dirty, and against the welfare of the Kurdish people.

Why don’t they take a stand against those who bomb Kurdistan every day, killing girls and boys, women and children, destroying villages and bombing the still wounded Sinjar?

Why do they stand against those who defend Kurdistan from the occupiers and sacrifice their lives for freedom?

Why are the Kurdish liberation forces and the resistance presented as the reason for the occupation, thus legitimizing the occupation?

They claim that if the PKK was not in Şengal, Heftenîn or Qendîl, they would not bomb.

Everyone should see that these statements serve only to justify the Turkish occupation.

We, as the women’s movement in Western Kurdistan, first of all call on all Kurdish forces to react to the occupation of the fascist Turkish state. All should support the struggle of Kurdish girls and boys against the occupation without thinking of personal, familial and sectarian interests. The right way and the way that will make us proud is this one.

We call on all Kurdish people, especially women and youth in all four parts of Kurdistan to take immediate action against the occupation of the fascist Turkish state and those who support the occupation. Take a stand against those whose words, attitudes and policies pave the way for the occupation.

Kongra Star Coordination


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