[Posters] With the spirit of these women we continue our revolution!

Each of this women is an important part of our revolution. They are symbols of the resistance of women who fight for freedom, for a world without patriarchy and war, defend their land and society. All of them were murdered by the Turkish army and its jihadist militias. The Turkish aggression is directed against the regions in North East Syria, where a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and grassroots democratic society has been built up in recent years. At the forefront of this freedom movement were and are women, whose struggle against patriarchy, whether as internalised behaviour in society or the unleashed violence of the IS, has inspired people all over the world. In our last dossier we shed a light on the systematization of the killing of of women activists by states especially by the Turkish state. Click here.

In the face of these attacks, the need for resistance and self-defence by women around the world is becoming more clear. It is with the spirit of these women that we continue our struggle and our revolution.

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