16th anniversary of Kongra Star women’s movement Rojava

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of our organization “Kongra Star”, we, as women of Rojava, send our congratulations and celebrations, from the heart of the revolution of freedom and peace, the democratic revolution led by women with love, sacrifice and devotion. We celebrate, full of pride and triumph, our leader Abdullah Öcalan, the comrade who paved the way and gifted us so much that we hold dear, for the sake of achieving freedom for women and society. We also celebrate all the comrades of our struggle, the shining lights of our revolution, and the symbols of our resistance who were martyred in order to bring women to the highest degrees of freedom. Starting with the martyrs Sakine Cansiz, Bêrîtan and Zîlan, Leyla Agirî, Hevrin Khalaf, mother Aqidah, Arîn Mirkan, all the way to Zehra Berkel, Amara, Avesta, and all other fighters of the resistance. Your legacy lives on. We also congratulate all women in the world who walk the path of freedom to fight the system of slavery mainly.

We specifically acknowledge our organization, which was established in the year 2005 under difficult conditions, a time full of every type of oppression and tyranny of the twenty-first century. This century shows the continuity of the resistance of women who have struggled throughout the pages of history and wrote legendary epics in the face of injustice and tyranny.

We also affirm that the emergence of our organization was an organizational and educational response of the Kurdish, Arab and Syriac women have been denied and marginalized their history and identity over thousands of years. Therefore, our struggle over the course of 16 years culminated in many successes and victories that built a base for women and made them pioneers in the women’s revolution. Like the July 19 Revolution, which further opened the way for women to prove themselves again through deepening the thought and philosophy of the leader Apo, in all fields: political, social, cultural, organizational, economic and military.

The emergence of our women’s organization was an answer, in order to be able to face the violence and persecution that it is still being subjected to by the occupying forces which reject women’s freedom and is aggressive toward its progress – despite the effort and struggle the women exert in the service of democratizing and liberating society. So, we see every day an increase in attacks, killings, kidnappings and arrests practiced against women politicians and social activists in North East Syria, both in the liberated and occupied regions. This political violence is in conjunction with the domestic abuse that women are subjected to in all 4 parts of Kurdistan.

With this fact of systematic violence, what was the massacre committed in the village of Helince against our female political activists, but the targeting of the thought and freedom of all women seeking a free life, by the dictatorial regimes in order to annihilate us both physically and psychologically. But we say with the voice of our revolution that in spite of these brutal practices against us, our determination will endure, to pursue struggle and resistance and thus expand our actions and activities to preserve the achievements of our revolution by empowering the role of women in a stronger co-presidency system. Thus applying the principles of women to protect all women: Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, etc. We also pledge to our leader to follow his thought and philosophy until we reach the creation of the spirit of the revolutionary people, which is an answer to all systematic attacks on our people in general and women in particular.

On this basis we call on all women, organizations, and women’s movements to be united and support each other in order to further women and thus unify our cause. We also call on all human rights and humanitarian organizations to fulfill their humanitarian duty to protect women who are struggling to achieve a democratic mentality in North East Syria in particular and who are striving to lead peace in the Middle East and around the world.

Long live leader APO!

Long live the struggle of free women!

Jin Jiyan Azadi!

Kongra Star Coordination


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