The 21st century is the century of women’s revolution

March 8 has been celebrated worldwide for more than a century as International Women’s Struggle Day. On this day, women raise louder than ever and united their demand for freedom and the struggle for their rights. This day proclaims to the whole world that women fight and resist not just one day, but every day and in every moment of life. In addition to the struggle for women’s rights and freedom, children’s rights, social, environmental and other issues are also on the agenda. Because we see clearly that the oppression of women also means the oppression of society and is one of its oldest problems.

The patriarchal ideology within our societies is evident and more than ever we as women understand its reality around the world. We clearly see that through the enslavement and occupation of women, those same oppressive systems of domination are building up, targeting us as women, and committing feminicide. Thus, violence against women as a policy of the patriarchal system of capitalism has reached levels of terror and genocide in recent years. In contrast, however, we also see that women around the world are not idly watching, but their struggle has reached a revolutionary force.

Women from all countries, cultures, ethnicities or religions have decided to stand up against any aggression that tries to take our lives: As women, we defend our existence, our territories, our cultures and our societies. Based on the solidarity of women all over the world, we organize our struggles that have marked and will mark the 21st century.

The 21st century is the century of women’s revolution and we will continue our resistance accordingly. The systematic murder of women and society can only be stopped through women’s revolutions, which must be strengthened in all areas and at every moment of life. We have seen with hope that women all over the world are actively and collectively fighting against all forms of domination. From Bolivia to Mexico, from France to Spain, from Poland to Argentina, from Egypt to Pakistan, from Afghanistan to Iran, and from Baluchistan to Kurdistan, and far beyond, women are resisting with united voice and color.

Over the past year, women around the world have taken to the streets and resisted the male-dominated institutions that make their lives hell. With a wide variety of slogans, they have loudly carried their voices to the world. We will take up the cries of our resistant sisters and carry them further. Because the origin of our oppression as women, and therefore the origin of our oppression as a society, comes from the same mentality. We are ready to fight back and end the patriarchal mindset and violence once and for all.

However, as women from Northern and Eastern Syria and Rojava, we have also learned that women’s struggle and revolution brings a lot of pain and loss. We have lost our beloved comrades Zehra, Hebûn, Dayika Emine, Saada and Hind in the past year, who lived their love and devotion to women’s freedom and led a strong struggle against the patriarchal mentality, which is why they were targeted for assassination. However, this only strengthens our will and conviction to avenge our companions who gave their lives for women’s freedom. We know we are not fighting alone. The murder of our comrades was an attack on all women who organize, an attempt to alienate us because they know that organization is our best weapon. Organized, we will not only resist to defend ourselves, but we will also put an end to femicide.

As women, we are fighting a great struggle every day and for us, March 8 is a day of great importance. Here in Rojava and Northern and Eastern Syria, the place of women’s revolution, we celebrate this year’s Women’s Struggle Day with the slogan: “OUR FIGHT WILL GUARANTEE WOMEN’S REVOLUTION”. To all women worldwide we would like to say: Long live March 8! Long live the women’s struggle day! We show our utmost respect to all women and people who contribute their part to this precious struggle!


Women Defend Rojava

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