Newroz 2021 will be the basis for the liberation of all regions from Turkish occupation through the will of organised women

The Kongra Star Coordination has issued a statement to the public on the occasion of the Newroz festival, which takes place every year on 21 March and symbolises freedom, justice, equality and the victory against oppression, injustice and tyranny.

“First of all, we congratulate the leader Abdullah Ocalan, all the peoples, the families of the martyrs, all the peoples who resist, the imprisoned and the guerrilla fighters in the free mountains on Newroz, the day of liberation. We remember all the martyrs of Newroz in the person of the martyr Mazloum Dogan and the martyrs of freedom

We congratulate the historical resistance and the victory in Garê which broke the Turkish attacks against the leader Abdullah Ocalan and the peoples of the region. The resistance of Garê has proved to the Turkish occupation and to all the enemies of the Kurds that the will and the struggle of the Kurdish people will always prevail and that all the plans and efforts of their enemies to undermine their achievements will fail.

We promise the martyrs who fell for democracy and freedom to continue the path of their struggle until we achieve victory.

The AKP and the MHP represent the Dahak of the present, therefore our people and all the peoples of the Middle East should rise up, intensify their struggle against fascism and intensify the resistance for freedom and democracy, as Kawa the Blacksmith did when he lit the torch of Newroz and Mazloum Dogan did when he lit the torch of revolution.

Newroz has become a symbol that inspires the peoples of Rojava and Northeast Syria who continue to fight in the spirit of Newroz resistance. Newroz Day is also the day in history when the Kurdish tribes and peoples united with the rest of the peoples, including Arabs, Syrians, Turkmen, Chechens and others in the region, for the victory of the revolution.

Newroz 2021 will be the basis for the liberation of all regions from Turkish occupation through the will of organised women.

We reaffirm that we are committed to defending the rights of our people and will work with all our strength for a new Syria, a democratic, united and free Syria.

Long live Newroz, the symbol of freedom and peace

Her Bijî Newroz! Jin Jiyan Azadî!

Kongra Star Coordination”

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