May Day is a day of struggle for all the oppressed and unites us in the struggle for liberation.

On May Day, we follow in the footsteps of many anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-capitalist and anti-patriarchal struggles. They are also the footprints of many revolutionary women who have raised their voices against oppression as well as exploitation and for a liberated society. Today we raise our voices worldwide.

On this day, we unite in our diversity and appear as strength on the streets of the whole world, because May Day is a day of struggle for all the oppressed and stands as a symbol of social struggles. All over the world, not only today, it becomes visible that we as women are everywhere, resisting and taking back our freedom. With our common struggle we will overcome capitalism and the feminicidal politics of the nation states.

For us as women, this day has an important meaning, because our oppression becomes especially clear when looking at the economic situation. The leader Abdullah Ocalan analyzes the enslavement of women as the origin of exploitative relations and private property. This analysis shows us a way in the struggle against oppression.

Capitalism exploits the whole society and especially women and tries to break the collective spirit and solidarity within the society with its patriarchal mentality. But we also know that the resistance of the working class is historical and the struggle for justice is not lost. On this day, the patriarchal and capitalist system is especially trembling because it is crumbling and will not be able to hold on forever.

The expansion of the feminist struggle is the only answer to the existing conditions. Because a society can only be free if women are also free. That is why we are organizing and developing ideas together on how to build alternatives in our societies and end that patriarchal violence. Our struggles are based on the construction of a democratic, ecological, women-celebrating perspective as well as the recognition and safeguarding of the diversity of peoples.

Especially women are exposed to oppression in different ways all over the world and we have to understand the suffering of all as our own suffering. We do not accept prosperity anywhere based on the exploitation of our sisters and the deprivation of their habitats. We fight for a life without patriarchy, classes and occupation, for a liberated and communal life. For us, the liberation of women and all the oppressed worldwide means the end of patriarchy and capitalism.

Let us show that our struggles know no borders, that our hope for freedom cannot be destroyed, and that the world stands still when we lay down our work. Let us make our seeds of resistance sprout worldwide as the most beautiful flowers.

Let us unite as workers, as feminists, as oppressed and resisters – the women’s revolution will liberate humanity!

We send greetings to all workers of the world and wish a revolutionary May Day!

Jin Jiyan Azadî.

Women Defend Rojava.

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