Organized women’s power will destroy the mentality of the oppressors

The current situation in Afghanistan is a painful and worrying one for all struggling women and pro-democracy circles. The hegemonic system of world politics has given every possible help to the Taliban to break the will of the women and the people and to realize their interests expressed through their representatives, and as a result of this cooperation of the global capitalist forces, Afghanistan has been handed over to the Taliban. The ruling forces can never understand the homeland of the people who have lived there for years or know the values of the society they grew up in and take into account the will of the people and women. Recent developments in Afghanistan have shown that the population and especially women can no longer rely on foreign powers or the hegemonic powers. Building and maintaining a moral, political, equal and secure society can only be achieved through the power of society.

Just as the imperialist forces with the vanguard of the Turkish state and it’s gangs invaded Rojava and North and East Syria, kidnapped women in the region, killed children, old and sick people, the same is happening today in Afghanistan against women and people in the region. As the Women’s Defense Army YPJ, we have followed the attacks on Afghanistan with great concern and feel deeply with the women and people in the region. At the same time, it pains us now from the bottom of our hearts that the will of women in Afghanistan has been brutally and inhumanely disregarded and that Afghanistan has now been handed over to the oppressors.

The decisions of the Taliban towards women and society in Afghanistan are unlawful and anti-democratic. That is, they are trying to redesign the Afghan women and society according to their ideology of power through occupation. This approach is beyond free will and humanity.

But we should not forget that the only solution for freedom is always to believe in our own natural strength, to organize ourselves and to strengthen the will to fight for freedom. Just as we as YPJ have resisted IS and the Turkish occupiers and their gangs with the organized force of women, strengthened and increased our army, Afghan women too can become a force for freedom with their strength and organization. The Afghan women must insist on their legal, economic rights and the administration of their country. The true inhabitants of this country are the women, and Afghan women must be able to exercise their free will in the new age, in a more effective organization than ever before.

We as YPJ express our support for the women of Afghanistan and say that in any case it is necessary for the women to organize themselves with free will and determine their struggle against the ruling forces. It should be remembered that hope is more valuable than success. Build up strength in the hope of a free future. When the strength of women becomes one, the ruling forces can no longer oppose organized women’s power and carry out inhumane actions. Finally, we call on all democratic women in the world to speak out against this humanitarian crisis and express their support for Afghan women. We are also closely following the situation of Afghan women, expressing our solidarity and wishing them every success.

YPJ General Command

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