Statement for the 25th of November

Statement to public opinion and the media:

Under the slogan “Fight to end violence and occupation” we struggle in the spirit of “Hevrin Khalaf, Sosin Birhat, Hind, Saade, Deniz Poyraz, Leyla Agiri, Zahra Berkel and Kerima Lorena Tariman”. These women fought against the mentality of the patriarchal nation-state and sacrificed their lives in this struggle. The resistance of these women and their heroic struggle have become a model for us to achieve women’s freedom. We will continue their path with determination and courage to achieve a dignified life and freedom for women.

Comrades and sisters:

Women have been systematically murdered for thousands of years, but until now this has not been named internationally as a feminicide. Women, activists, politicians and women who struggle around the world have paid a high price for their commitment against oppression and genocide, from Latin America to Tunisia, from Turkey to Poland, from Syria to India, from Belarus to Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The male-dominated system encourages global violence through religion and discrimination based on gender and nationalism. The martyrdom of the Mirabal sisters at the hands of the dictator Trujillo represents a turning point in the march of women’s resistance. The day of their martyrdom is used as a historical commemoration to proclaim women’s resistance to oppression, injustice and tyranny. Based on this principle, the United Nations General Assembly decided in 1999 to declare November 25 of each year as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women around the world, in order to eliminate the physical violence suffered by women in all societies.

Especially in times of armed conflict, we as a women’s organization in the North and East Syria have seen that women in particular are the main ones who suffer. Especially in the areas occupied by the Turkish state, women have experienced all kinds of violence, such as rape, torture, arrest, enforced disappearance and deprivation of their freedom. The Turkish state has committed numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity, while the international community remains silent, despite the fact that violence against women in all its forms is the most widespread violation of human rights and as mentioned by inUnited Nations resolutions, 70% of women in the world are subject to violence in their life because they are women. Violence takes its worth forms by becoming a systematic practice of authorities and states.

Patriarchy and violence against women has a long history, as does heroic resistance to it. However, the history written by the powerful and rulers has erased the militant side of women in order to preserve their unity and independence. The twenty-first century is considered the century of women’s liberation, as the voices of women calling for freedom are rising in all parts of the world. From the region that defeated ISIS through their resistance, women are shouting: No to violence, no to occupation, no to armed conflict, no to war, no to demographic change, no to genocide, no to the murder of women.

We, the women’s movements of all components in North and East Syria, affirm here that we strengthen our struggle against patriarchal mentality for a change in society based on freedom and equality. We call on our sisters throughout Syria to work for a free and democratic Syria and to create a system that upholds the right of women to live safely in all spheres.

Together with all women who demand freedom, equality and peace, we will be able to build a free Syria and establish a World Confederation of Women through our organizations, ideas and struggle and be pioneers in this construction because we have the strength and determination to do so. On this basis, we, as women in North and East Syria, will carry out a series of activities from November 20 to December 10 under the slogan “Fight against violence and occupation”.

Campaign program:

  • Public and private lectures for women in villages, cities, districts and camps about (violence and its types – political violence – women’s right – forms of marriage)
  • Public lectures to change the mentality of men
  • Training courses for men.
  • Webinars
  • Implementation of a general dialogue seminar on combating violence against women
  • Workshops on combating violence against women
  • Public platforms and television broadcasts
  • Plays and mimes in public places
  • Brochures on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
  • Special marches for women in all provinces
  • Special marches for men in all provinces
  • A hashtag campaign on social media

Campaign Committee of Women of North and East Syria for November 25
November 20 2021

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