Statement in support of Afghan women

Statement to public opinion

After the US forces announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan in mid-August
2021, the extremist Taliban movement was able to control the entire geography of
Afghanistan, so that the Afghan people found themselves alone facing the Taliban
forces that did not and will not spare any effort to bring the people, especially the
Afghan women, to the lowest level of underdevelopment, control, powerlessness,
and robbery of will.
At a time when Afghan women have made steps to develop themselves through a
long struggle and hard work to gain their freedom and guarantee their rights in light
of the relative freedom and safety that Afghanistan has enjoyed during the past two
decades. They were able to achieve honorable achievements and establish their
legitimate rights, and through their feminist organizations, they were able to lay the
foundation stone for a remarkable societal renaissance that leads to building a
society that embraces the values of equality, freedom and justice. A society in which
the woman will have an honorable position, be a real partner, and will have the
freedom to choose the life that befits her and the essence of her being. At the time
when the twenty-first century has been declared the century of the woman, in light
of the achievements that have been realized by her hand and her rights that have
been restored with a struggle and an effort irrigated with the blood of thousands of
female fighters in different parts of the world, we consider that the life of the Afghan
women are under threat, and her achievements are in danger of disappearing
considering the initial elements of the Taliban’s rule and its targeting of women in
particular through the provisions announced and the restrictions imposed on the
life, freedom and rights of Afghan women, whether in education, work or
determining their fate, which puts them in the face of an unknown and dark future,
which will have repercussions not only on the Afghan woman, but on the Afghan
society as a whole. Starting from the fact that the women’s issue, wherever it is and
wherever it exists, remains an issue that crosses all frameworks and borders, and
emphasize the need for solidarity, support, and belief that women’s struggle
represent a historical heritage for all women which place all feminist organizationsunder a moral duty to support the Afghan women’s cause in the course of their
struggle and resistance to face this reality.
Accordingly, we, the Women’s Council in North and East Syria, in the spirit of the
women’s revolution in North and East Syria and the achievements it has achieved
thanks to the blood of women resisting for women’s freedom and rights, express our
support for the struggle of all women and women’s liberation movements, and
particularly, we mention the Afghan women in their struggle against, on the one
hand, the wave of extreme darkening derived from the patriarchal mentality that
does not recognize the role and existence of women and its importance in building
society, and, on the other hand, against the ruling political authority that rejects the
existence, willingness and ability of women to effectively participate in political and
administrative processes in the construction of the state.
We call on all women’s and human rights organisations around the world to stand by
the women of Afghanistan and provide them with support and assistance in their
struggle against the extremism and violence represented by the Taliban movement.
We also call on the international community, together with all relevant bodies, to
assume its responsibility to protect Afghan women and not to leave them alone in
the heart of the storm. What Afghan women and the Afghan people are going
through is a message to all women and peoples aspiring to freedom about the need
to activate the means of internal organisation and to rely on latent energies, because
salvation begins with organisation and solidarity, but ends when this struggle ends,
which makes societies and women easy prey for any greedy and aggressive power.
We must stand together to build a world without violence, discrimination and
extremism, a world worthy of women’s humanity and true essence, whose path of
struggle culminates in freedom, security and stability.
Women’s Council in North and East Syria.

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