Statement on the ISIS attacks in Heseke

In a statement to the public the Coordination of Kongra Star addresses the last attacks of ISIS in North and East Syria and points out, that Turkey is conflicted in these attacks:

At first we want to express our deepest condolences as Kongra Star to the families of the martyrs and wish a good recovery to the wounded, that joined the fight for freedom.

The attack of ISIS sleeper cells on the Geweran prison attempted to break free the ISIS mercenaries incarcerated in the biggest prison in Heseke. We hold the international community responsible for this issue. These ISIS cells and the attacks with suicide bombers and booby-traps in attempt to kidnap ISIS prisoners aim to revive ISIS in the area. The SDF forces, who are fighting for freedom, struggled with all their efforts to bring down ISIS has demanded several times to the international community to form an International Court to convict the ISIS prisoners. In addition to these demands, the international community has remained silent, doing nothing to resolve the situation of ISIS prisoners. But the international community has known for years how serious the situation is and it is not over. Not only in North and East Syria, nowhere the international community is showing any responsibility for or stand against ISIS. This attack happened at the same time as the 4th anniversary of the occupation of Afrin by Turkey and their mercenaries. If this only shows one thing, it is that these attacks are systematically organised by the Turkish state and other organizations in order to frighten the population. With this attack, ISIS managed to spread out in the quarters where families live and attacked civilians. In some areas, ISIS used civilians as human shields, attempting to get control of the city. Because of this, the population had to flee from the quarter and became displaced. The Turkish state at the same time sends forward mercenaries on the Til Temir and Ain Issa front lines, in an attempt to help the attackers. We, as Kongra Star, condemn this attack that aims to widen the occupation of the area and call on the international community to stand up for their responsibilities to find a solution for the ISIS prisoners, to put an end this dangerous situation. We call on everyone to make pressure to all involved states, whose citizens are ISIS prisoners, to take responsibility and prevent further movements of ISIS by receiving their criminal citizens back. The way ISIS organizes in the area should be prevented in the first place, so that the project of the Democratic Nation can continue to thrive.


Kongra Star Coordination

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