“Together we defend our revolution and liberate our land”

The Women’s Platform for Joint Activities in North and East Syria issues a statement for the start of actions for 8 March.

On behalf of the Platform for Joint Activities of Women’s Movements and Organizations in North and East Syria under the slogan “Together we defend our revolution and liberate our land”, we congratulate the women in North and East Syria and women all over the world in general, and we congratulate the mothers of the martyrs on International Women’s Day. We also congratulate all the women who resist in the prisons of authoritarian regimes and remember all the martyrs who have fought for women’s freedom in history.

Around the world, International Women’s Day is celebrated by women to underscore the bond and solidarity with women’s struggle for their legitimate rights and to honor their unrelenting perseverance, affirming their important role in building a society based on equality and justice. The International Women’s Day is the result of the struggle of millions of women around the world for their rights. Despite the decades of struggle, women are still subjected to all kinds of violence, oppression and slavery by the male dominant mentality to break their will and marginalize them throughout history. This is the case in the territories occupied by Turkey in Syria (Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Tal Abyad, Idlib, Al-Bab, Jarablus, Azaz), where women are subjected to systematic violations of their rights, which constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity (genocide, displacement, arrest, rape, forced marriage).

But the flame of struggle has never been extinguished, and the best proof of this is the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, which was led by women and was distinguished by her special character and was able to prove her abilities by being a mother, leader, military, politician and diplomat at the same time. It became a social revolution that brought great changes to North and East Syria. It played the most important role in the establishment of democratic autonomous administration and became a role model and a source of inspiration for the struggle of all women in the world. The women continue their struggle to preserve the gains they have achieved thanks to the resistance of the YPJ and the martyrs of freedom (Sosin Birhat, Awaz Urmia, Nojian, Rojin, Viyan, Ivana Hoffman, Karima Loran, Hevrin Khalaf, Hind ,Saada, Zilan Arab, Widad Younan and Joumana Al-Mousa).

On this occasion, we invite all women in Northern and Eastern Syria to participate in the International Women’s Day activities and we call on the organizations and women’s movements in the world and especially in Syria to stand together to protect our revolution, raise the level of our struggle and preserve the values and heritage of women’s struggle. Together we will spread peace and security in the world, end the occupation, ensure the return of displaced people to their homes, and work together to build a democratic, pluralistic and decentralized Syria.

Therefore, we announce the start of our campaign for 2022 to welcome the International Women’s Day under the slogan “Together we defend our revolution and liberate our land”.

Our activities from February 23 to March 10 are as follows:

  • Visiting the martyrs Graveyards, lighting candles on the graves of the martyrs and delivering a statement in the name of the platform on 2022/3/1
  • Giving special lectures for International Women’s Day.
  • Seminars and discussions on the local level and in the Middle East and also online on social networks
  • Organizing a celebration in North and East Syria for all women’s movements and organizations on 2022/3/21.
  • Celebration everywhere in North and East Syria on the eighth of March.
  • Women’s movements and organizations carry out various activities according to their own programme.

Platform for Joint Activities of Women’s Movements and Organizations in North and East Syria


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