Berta Cáceres was a woman, a mother, an activist, an indigenous leader, a land defender, a revolutionary and an inspiration.

The Kongra Star women’s movement in North and East Syria has released a statement on the anniversary of the martyrdom of revolutionary Berta Cáceres:

Berta Cáceres was a woman, a mother, an activist, an indigenous leader, a land defender, a revolutionary and an inspiration. She was a strong Honduran woman, a free woman, she was what capitalist modernity fears the most. She co-founded and coordinated the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) and successfully organized resistance against large corporate projects that would destroy the environment and habitat.

Because her fierce struggle to defend the environment and the land made her a threat to the patriarchal and capitalist system that seeks to plunder her homeland, she was murdered by hitmen on March 2, 2016. But once again, the coordination between the state, the mafia and capital became clear. The Hunduras government and the DESA company worked hand in hand to advance their economic interests, but Berta Cáceres and her organization stood in their way. The military and the police were also put at the service of the company. The nation-state, capitalism and the mafia are all male patrichal structures, they are the perpetrators.

The selective and targeted murder of women who organize and play an active role in defending freedom, defending land and territories against colonial policies, and women’s rights is a widespread and systematic practice both globally and historically. This practice is political femicied.

Politically active women in the region of North and East Syria were also victims of political femicide. Like politician Hevrin Xelef, who was murdered in an ambush by Turkish-backed jihadists, or activists Hind and Saade, who were kidnapped and murdered by ISIS members, or the three activists Zehra Berkel, Mother Emine and Hebun Xelil, who were bombed by Turkish drones. These women and others like Berta Cáceres have paid a high price for their convictions and their struggle for a better world. They lived and fought for their convictions and were willing to fall for them.

Berta Cáceres fought determinedly to defend the environment and the land, even though she was aware that her fight for the community and nature threatened her life. She said, “They are afraid of us because we are not afraid of them,” and fought courageously for her principles.As March 8 approaches, we congratulate the day that marks the struggle of women for their rights and remember the women who fought, such as Berta Cáceres, Sakine Canzis, Rosa Luxemburg and all the others who have gone down in history through their struggle and became part of this day. The sacrifices that these women made in their struggle were not in vain, because their spirit lives on in our struggle.

Women in North and East Syria are celebrating March 8 this year under the motto: “Together we defend our revolution and liberate our land”. In this spirit, we celebrate the day dedicated internationally to the struggle of women. Like Berta Cáceres, Sakine Cansiz and Hevrin Xelef, we will continue our struggle without fear.

Jin Jiyan Azadi!! Şehid Namirin!!

‘Together we defend our revolution and liberate our land’

Kongra Star

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