Together we protect our revolution and liberate our land

We welcome the International Working Women’s Day on March 8, 2022. On this occasion, we bow our heads in reverence in memory of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives and wrote heroic epics of resistance to tyrannical regimes and broke the chains of slavery, making great sacrifices to achieve freedom, justice, equality and democracy.

International Women Workers’ Day is the result of the struggle of millions of women around the world, and it is the reality of free women, from Rosa Luxemburg to Clara Zetkin, from Zenobia to Zarife, from Sakina Cansiz to Sosin Bîrhat, Nujîn Amed, Tolhildan Raman, from Leila Agirî, Zehra Berkel to Hind and Saada, Jade Aqida to Hevrin Khalef.

On behalf of the Coordination of Kongra Star and under the slogan “Together we protect our revolution and liberate our land”, we congratulate all the women in Rojava, Nort and East Syria, in all four parts of Kurdistan, the women of the whole world, the mothers of the martyrs and all the women imprisoned in the prisons of the authoritarian regimes and fighters in all fields of struggle on March 8. On this occasion, we salute the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Democratic Nation, a true companion of women and the defender of the philosophy of free life. The twenty-first century, as Abdullah Ocalan said, will be the century of women’s freedom.

Strengthening the level of women-led struggle for freedom against all the attacks of fascism, occupation, hegemonic patriarchy and the policies of genocide directed against women is essential. We raise our revolution to the level of a women’s revolution that depends on the strength of work, thought and the reality of resistance that all leading women fighters have shown throughout history in all fields. The solidarity of all women can achieve a free and dignified life for all sectors of society.

We live in a time of systematic war in all its forms and means, from the politics of special warfare to genocide, rape, displacement, poverty, massacres, economic, cultural and biological wars in all walks of life. This policy and mentality has been organized in the form of a global system to serve the interests of the capitalist system, which seeks to control the whole world through various means.

This has led to great problems, such as the last in the Middle East, Kurdistan, Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as a multitude of contradictions between peoples coexisting with each other. However, this presents many strategic opportunities for women and peoples in general. The organized struggle of women around the world, supported by the democratic forces, allows women to lead the struggle for democracy, the environment and social justice against authoritarian concepts at a high level. The campaigns we have launched in the framework of “It’s time for freedom”, “It’s time to protect women and a free society”, “Together we protect our revolution and liberate our country” will achieve their goals with our perseverance and determination to fulfill the historical truth of International Women’s Day.

The system of isolation imposed against Abdullah Ocalan is an isolation of women and society in general, and this requires that we raise the struggle to break this systematic isolation and break the wall of Imrali prison and achieve the physical freedom of Abdullah Ocalan. We must fight on this and every other day to change the authoritarian mentality, to oppose outdated customs and traditions, to protect the social structure and its historical reality, to consolidate life in equal partnership and to achieve justice and equality through intellectual, democratic, ecological, health and moral awareness that protects man and nature.

The Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, in which women take the leading role in the co-presidential system in all its organizational structures, is a social revolution that has become a model and a source of inspiration for all women.

And the historical achievements that have been reached thanks to the resistance of women in the YPJ and all military forces under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces on the principle of revolutionary people’s war.

On the occasion of the International Working Women’s Day, we dedicate all our activities to the souls of the pioneering martyrs Sosin Bîrhat – Viyan – Nûjiyan – Rojin – Awaz Urmiye – Karima Lorena – Wedad Younan – Jumana Al Mousa – Ivana Hoffmann – Hind und Saade – Hevrin Khalef.

We salute the heroic resistance of the women in Afrin, Serê Kaniyê, Tal Tamir, Zirgan, the resistance of the young women and the resistance of the Afghan women and we honor their heroism against the policy of genocide, killing and displacement.

To complete the struggle of our martyrs, we promise them to intensify the struggle in North and East Syria until all their goals and dreams of freedom, justice and equality are achieved. We appeal to all women in the world to take to the streets and raise our voices against all forms of genocide until justice, equality and democracy are achieved.

Long live the free woman.

Jin Jiyan Azadi

Kongra Star Coordination North and East Syria.

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