Stop Turkish war in Kurdistan!

Throughout Kurdistan, the situation is currently escalating and the Turkish war is intensifying immensely. There have been repeated announcements that Erdoğan might expand his occupation war in the shadow of the war in Ukraine. Where the war in Kurdistan already took place in front of everyone, but still undisturbed, all attention is now lacking. After plans for a new major offensive were recently published, the Turkish state has now launched bombardments, air landing operations and helicopter attacks on southern Kurdish areas. The large-scale invasion of Turkey in collaboration with the PDK in South Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) has been in sight for a long time and has now begun. On Friday, the prime minister of the PDK party, which is ruling in South Kurdistan, met Erdoğan and the head of the Turkish secret service MİT. Now it is reported that the Turkish war planes are taking off from military bases in South Kurdistan, which only further confirms the cooperation of the Turkish state and the PDK. Together with Turkey’s war, there is now also a long feared intra-Kurdish war.

At the same time, the daily attacks in Northeastern Syria continue uninterruptedly. In recent days, there have been massive artillery attacks, especially in the Christian region of Til Temir, destroying several homes and other buildings, such as the church in the Assyrian village of Til Tawil.

We don‘t accept this ongoing war by Turkey! The achievements of the revolution in Kurdistan, which places women’s liberation at the centre of their struggles, are a thorn in the side of the authorities. It is our responsibility to oppose this war and to defend the women’s revolution wherever we are. We oppose the Turkish war! We stand side by side with the people of Kurdistan! Defending Kurdistan means becoming aware of the responsibility here, let’s make resistance visible everywhere!

It’s time to get active! Together we will defend the women’s revolution! Against the war in Kurdistan! For a world in which all people can live together in solidarity and equality!

Women Defend Rojava

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