Kongra Star statement on fire at Evin Prison

Kongra Star issued a statement on yesterday’s fire at Evin Prison in Tehran.

“We as Kongra Star have been following with great anger the recent attack on Evin Prison in Tehran since last night. In Evin prison, which is known as a torture prison and whose prisoners are mainly political prisoners, activists and fighters for democracy and freedom, a fire broke out and weapons were used against the prisoners. This happened in the shadow of the uprisings in Iran.

For almost 4 weeks, the people of Rojhilat and Iran have been protesting over the assassination of Kurdish woman Jina Amini and have been on the streets every day to demand a change of system, democracy and women’s freedom. Despite the fact that the Iranian regime is using violence against the uprising, the protesters are opposing the ruling system without fear and with great will, because it is clear that they do not accept a return to the old system.

Evin Prison in Tehran is known for its brutality and torture. Most of the prisoners in this prison are politicians, activists and fighters for democracy and freedom, they are the leading figures of the society for democratic change and resistance in this country. In recent weeks, many protesters arrested by the regime have been imprisoned in Evin Prison. Even before this fire, Evin Prison has caused many martyrs, many death sentences have been imposed on the prisoners of this prison, the fate of many political prisoners in this prison has been unknown for years.

And this is not the first time that the Iranian regime has committed massacres in prisons against people who seek freedom and democracy. From 1981 to 1988, thousands of people who were striving for freedom and democracy were murdered by the Khomeini regime in Evin and Kohardasht prisons, their number is unknown until today because the Iranian regime carried out this massacre secretly and slowly. These massacres and attacks are carried out with the mentality of the regime and systematically against those who are imprisoned and cannot defend themselves against these attacks.

On May 9, 2010, four Kurdish political prisoners, Şirin Alam-Holi, Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian and Farhad Vakili, who had been imprisoned there for years, were executed in the same prison. Şirin Alam-Holi wrote “Jin Jiyan Azadi” on the wall of her cell during her time in Evin Prison. With the spirit of resistance of Şirin and her comrades, a revolution is currently being started with the same slogan and demands with the leadership of women.

In the same prison where there was a fire last night, the spirit of Jin Jiyan Azadi created hope and became the slogan of the resistance. When the state attacks this prison, it wants to destroy the resistance that has risen with the slogan. The Iranian regime by force could not extinguish the resistance, now it is attacking the place where the slogan “Jin, Jiyan, Azadi” was raised for the first time in Rojhilat and Iran.

This is not the first time that protests have been held against the Iranian regime, but this time the people rose up with courage and great will in masses and led by women to destroy the system of the Iranian regime. The people express their position by calling for Jin Jiyan Azadi and death to dictatorship. Now the Iranian regime has been under a lot of pressure for some time and is trying to intimidate the people by massacring the Kurds, Baluch and all the people living there. This fire on the prison was made in the consciousness of the state that wants to eliminate the current uprising. The regime wants to change the agenda on Iran and beyond while suppressing information and hiding the truth about the fire.

We strongly condemn the Iranian regime for the fire and attack in Evin Prison. It is responsible for the safety of all prisoners and for the fire and attack that took place. Until now, the information about the prisoners of Evin Prison is not clear, the Iranian regime must disclose the fate of all prisoners.

We condemn the Iranian regime, which is responsible for the death of hundreds of protesting people, whose exact number is still unknown.

We remember all the martyrs of the prison and all those who sacrificed their lives for freedom. We salute the struggle of the prisoners and all the people of Rojhilat and Iran. We must strengthen our struggle for the freedom of women and all peoples with the spirit of resistance of Şirin Alam-Holi.

In addition, we call on all women, all libertarian and democratic organizations and individuals to join and support the resistance of people from everywhere. We must become the voice for the freedom fighters and prison resisters.

With the spirit of martyrs Shirin Alam-Holi, Jina Amini and Zeyneb Calaliyan’s resistance spirit, we say “Jin Jiyan Azadi”.

Kongra Star

October 16, 2022″

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