Solidarity with Rojava – All together against fascism!

Call-For-Action by Women Defend Rojava, Defend Kurdistan, Riseup 4 Rojava and Make Rojava Green Again.

On Thursday 5 October 2023, the Turkish state intensified its heavy war with airstrikes on North and East Syria. As in November 2022, infrastructure and civilians in particular were targeted. In recent months, there have been almost daily attacks by drones with dozens of victims. The Turkish foreign minister has now declared the entire infrastructure in Rojava a “legitimate” target. A further intensification of the attacks is to be expected.

The revolution in Rojava is inspiring people all over the world. Democratic Confederalism based on women’s liberation, ecology and radical democracy shows concrete solutions for the social problems of our time. In Rojava, these ideas are filled with life and defended. The strong self-organisation of the people has made the resistance against the so-called Islamic State possible and is unbroken despite continuous attacks by Turkey.

We call on all solidarity groups, people and initiatives to get active. We want to oppose the attacks of Turkey and the international complicity in various ways!

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