16:05 – SDF Forces Strike Back Against Occupying Army And Destroyed One Tank And One Military Vehicle

SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) announced an attack against the base of turkish occupying army called “Mezre” in Eyn Isaye. The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement to public opinion, that reads: “Our SDF forces continue their legitimate operations in response to the Turkish occupation’s aggressions and attacks against our people and areas in north and eastern Syria. On October 11, our forces conducted a targeted operation …

09:10 – 3 Damascus Government Forces Injured By Turkish Artillery

In the morning the Turkish occupation army shelled the villages of Sheikh Issa, Til Mediq, Til Cican and Hirbil in Shehba. At the same time, warplanes were hovering in the sky over Sehba and Sherawa. In Til Rifet, three Damascus government soldiers were injured by the attacks.