Show solidarity with the women’s revolution in Rojava, break the silence!

Kongra Stare Statement on the recent attacks by Turkey on Rojava:

Since the night of 13 January, the fascist Turkish state has launched a second intensive air operation in Rojava (Northern Syria) within a month, once again targeting civilian infrastructure and production facilities and thus the daily life of the people. Over the past three days, more than 60 locations in northern and eastern Syria have been attacked, with airstrikes targeting electricity and oil infrastructure, as well as civilian factories and warehouses. The entire border region of northern Syria has been targeted by drones, warplanes and artillery. These attacks by Turkey, which are a violation of international law, are still continuing.
The fascist Turkish state has justified the attacks by claiming the need for self-defence and invoking Article 51 of the UN Charter. This claim is unfounded and false because there have been no attacks or threats against Turkey’s borders from northern Syria. So, we ask, what do the attacks of fascist Turkey have to do with self-defence if there is no threat from the region? And why does Turkey feel threatened by driving schools, grain silos, civil production facilities and the supply of electricity and oil to the population?
The latest attacks show once again that what Turkey is doing is nothing but terror against the people in northern and eastern Syria with the aim of making daily life impossible, creating instability in the region, reviving ISIS, intimidating the people in the region and forcing them to flee. With these attacks, they wanted to destroy the achievements of the women’s revolution and the resulting democratic self-administered system in North and East Syria.
As Kongra-Star, the women’s movement active in the region, we strongly condemn the current threat of war and the subsequent attacks. We, the women of North and East Syria, know the importance of the women’s revolution and its achievements and we will not give up.

The silence of the international organisations is the reason for the strengthening of the fascism of the Turkish state and its threats all over the world. Thus, its murderous actions continue. Therefore, we call upon all democratic, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, anti-colonial and feminist forces to stand in solidarity with the women’s revolution in Rojava to break the silence.
Therefore, as Kongra Star Women’s Movement, we call upon the democratic public, women’s organisations, human rights groups and especially women’s rights activists worldwide to
– Show solidarity with the women’s revolution in Northern and Eastern Syria,
– Engage in public and political campaigns to stop the brutal attacks,
– demand accountability for Turkey’s war crimes, and
– Support our call for a no-fly zone over northern and eastern Syria to prevent future waves of attacks.

Kongra Star Women’s Movement
15 January 2024

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