Internationalist Şehîds remembered in NE-Syria and Switzerland

The revolution in North and East Syria has brought many comrades from all over the world, to contribute to the processes here and to defend the revolution. By now, many of these international revolutionaries have fallen şehîd in the struggle. Just as every şehîd is a promise to keep struggling and to uphold the values they fought for, internationalist şehîds in particular remind us to live the values of internationalism and global solidarity. They teach us why #WomenDefendRojava all over the world.

Yesterday these şehîds were honoured and remembered in Rojava and in Europe. We promise to continue their struggle, and to strengthen connections across the bridge they helped build.

In Qamişlo Kongra Star called a demonstration, that walked from the Square of the Internationalist Şehîds to the Şehîd Cemetary, symbolising this connection. Speeches were given in Arabic, English and Kurdish.

Also in Rojava, at the Andrea Wolf Institute, the jineolojî academy for women from all over the world, trees were planted for comrades fallen in the last year.

Thousands of miles away, into different soil but with the same love, trees were planted in the Swiss mountains. We plant a tree for a fallen comrade because our response to the attacks of our enemies will always be to make something grow. And even when we are far apart, we are planting trees for the same forest.

From the ceremony at the Andrea Wolf institute:

With their ideas, their resistance and their common struggle for a free life, they have sown seeds in
different parts of the world and planted roots in our hearts and our struggles.
Their courage, love and determination give us hope and strength. We will continue the steps you
have taken and the struggles we have started together.
In remembrance of all the friends who died in the struggle for a free life…
Vosotr@s presente! Ahora y siempre!
Şehîd namirin!

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