[Video] Greetings from Ecology Committee of Rojava to the Social Summit for Climate

Berivan Amara, in charge of the direction of the ecology committee of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria for Cizire sends greetings to the Social Summit for the Climate that is celebrated in Madrid.

Berivan explains the various ecological projects of the committee of ecology and environment in Rojava. Many of these have been seriously affected by the Turkish invasion and its jihadist mercenaries. The effect that the war has on the environment is devastating and must be stopped.

The ecology committee of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria is part of the movement’s commitment to ecology as one of its founding principles; without radically changing how we relate to nature and the environment, we cannot create a new system and new way to live.

The Social Summit for Climate is calling out for all groups and struggles to mobilise for the environment, and sending solidarity as well as organising against the COP25 and in solidarity with Chile:

“We believe in climate justice as the backbone of the social fights of our time: sustainability is impossible without social justice, and justice does not exist without respect for all beings living on the planet. Climate justice is the broadest umbrella that exists to protect all the diversity of struggles for another possible world: environmentalism, climate activism, feminism, LGBTIQ +, trade unionism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-militarism, de-colonial movements, indigenous movements, rural movements… We promote climate justice as a movement of movements in which many diverse worlds can fit……. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer the most, with workers and communities that are on the front line of resistance in all continents. We also stand in solidarity with those who have participated in fueling the climate crisis the least and those who suffer its impacts the most. We support all people, regardless of their gender, origin, language, race, ethnicity, physical abilities, sexual orientation, experience, age or belief. We call on people and groups to rebel against an oppressive capitalist system that expels more and more people – many of whom are forced to migrate from their territories – and increasingly depletes the foundations that sustain life. We call on everyone to participate in the social response to COP25 and to network and build communities in the face of this climate crisis, that is just the most visible symptom of a deeply unfair system.”

Read the full statement here: https://cumbresocialclima.net/call/

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