Chile turned an important page in its history

In a statement Kongra Star congratulates the women and oppressed people of Chile, who lately reached an important success:

On 19 December, Chile turned an important page in its history. A turning point expected and supported by the population. We, Kongra Star, send our greetings and congratulations to the newly elected president, Garbiel Boric, to the Chilean people, to the indigenous communities and to the women who have contributed so actively to the struggle to pave the way for a new democratic and anti-fascist society.

We particularly salute the strength of women and indigenous peoples and affirm our support for their continued struggle to create this new society where women and men of all origins can live freely in peace and security. We know that this work does not end on election day. This new period is only the beginning of the process that you have carried forward in the struggle so far. Despite the difficulties, the repression and the loss of loved ones, you have continued. Your victory is a victory for all women, all oppressed people.

Revolutionary Greetings

Kongra Star

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