Kongra Star statement for the Day of Indigenous Resistance

On this DAY OF INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE AND DIGNITY we join the call of the NATIONAL CONGRESS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE in solidarity with the resistant peoples in Abya Yala and around the world, against the death that is imposed upon us by global patriarchal capitalism, now more than ever.

On this day, 12.10, 531 years ago, the colonization of the continent of Abya Yala began. This marked the start of a destructive era of exploitation and oppression for indigenous populations not just in Abya Yala, but across the world – a hegemonic oppression policy which continues under colonial states to this day. Be it in the form of wars, modern slavery by corporations and business empires, the theft of land and the destruction of the environment, or by means of cultural genocides, the destruction of the languages and cultures of indigenous populations, and the denial of political participation and self-determination. Every day thousands of men, women, and children are victims of this system, are at the mercy of a permanent and cruel form of war. This is the result of a world order based on a mentality of destruction – destruction of the will of women, fomention of racism, suppression of personal and collective identity, destruction of social culture and ethics.

Undoubtedly, the only answer is resistance. Resistance through the creation of consciousness, the self-organization of people, and through their struggle – in particular that of women. This is why 12.10. is significant as a day – not merely as the beginning of the occupation of a continent but more than that, because it marks the beginning of resistance against all occupation. The organized resistance of the people, who will not remain silent against violence and oppression, who will not submit to colonialism and the prohibitions of exploitative regimes, but reject them, is the guarantor of justice, democracy and the freedom of all peoples.

As Kongra Star, a movement of women struggling for freedom in Rojava, West Kurdistan and Syria, we know the pain associated with the occupation of one’s own land, the loss of one’s own history, language and traditions, and we know the power of organized resistance. For many years, here in Kurdistan and the Middle East, as women, we have been leading the struggle for our freedom, and the freedom of our land and our society.

In our struggle and resistance we feel united with all oppressed peoples worldwide, with all resisting peoples, and with all resisting women. We, who are especially connected to our society and our land, are vanguards in the struggle for the freedom of our peoples. In this spirit, we express today our attachment and solidarity with the indigenous resistance, and we salute in particular all the militant women who are part of it.

Jin Jiyan Azadî !

Berxwedan Jiyan e!

Kongra Star

October 12 2023

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