22:20 – Internationalist Detained In Turkey Deported To Their Home Countries

On Thursday 12th of October, 15 internationalists from different european countries were detained in Turkey. They came to attend the congress of the Green Left Party (YSK) in Turkey/Northern Kurdistan on the 15th of October, on thursday they took part in a declaration by HDP, BDP and Green Left Party to condemn the intense attacks in Rojava by Turkey on the last days. After getting deported to their home countries …

15:50 – HRE: 5 Turkish Soliders And 2 Jihadist Mercenarys Killed

As a responce to the turkish attacks, HRE (Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê) publised the result of three aktions carried out against the turkish occupying state in the last days. 5 turkish soliders and 2 jihadist mercenarys were killed. 7 turkish soliders and 3 jihadist mercenarys got injured. 2 military vehicle were destroyed.